Tuesday, 18 August 2015

365 days of 2015, 211-224...

Once again I'm a bad blogger and have left this 2 weeks almost 3 before posting an update, however I have been fairly busy I had an exam and several job interviews and then of course so much prep and revision to do along with work and then this past weekend when I planned to write this post I was fairly ill throwing my guts up everywhere which was super fun especially since I had work too! Anyway I should probably just share the photos since they usually speak for themselves and you don't have to read my babbling..
 211. I got my hair did, bright red hair is now my thing.
 213. Weasley is getting so big! Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow the second Weasley Wednesday ;)
 214. I went for Dessert with Danni and you can read about here!
 215. I made an all day breakfast for my dinner and it was just the best thing ever.
 216. My little sister took this of me when we went to Preston Park she found it funny that I was on the swings like a child aha.
 217. Bake off means cake, on this occasion white chocolate mug cake with all the whipped cream!
 218. Weasley is forever watching me, also I started the Originals and it's pretty dece.
219. I went to an Ann Summers party and had a girls night best fun ever.
 220. Anna won a penis lolly but gave me it, so I used it as a revision snack!
 221. New Lush products arrived in Middlesbrough!
 222. My exam was over and it was finally time to relax in the bath!
 223. I've been meaning to paint these pots for a good month, now they match my bathroom.
224. Weasley has a new hidey/sleeping spot. The Cutie!

I promise I will start blogging my 365 more regularly! Haha. 

Are you taking part in 365?
K. x


  1. OH MY GOODNESS Weasley is the cutest! I'm really not a cat person but he is adorable. I think it's because his name is a HP reference...
    Wild Bear x

  2. You always get up to so much fun! I love the picture of Weasley with his paw over your screen :')

    Dannie x