Sunday, 16 August 2015

I Sunk Your BattleShip

This post is extremely late in been written up, as I received this hat back in May however I have really good reason, I had exams during May then I spent June trying to find a flat, I moved in July and lost it in the move then found it last week and decided I'd finally review it/write a post on it. First up I Sunk Your Battleship are a North East based independent street wear brand, who are inspired by the naval heritage of Britain. This inspiration shows in their designs as they use naval communications like semaphore and flag signalling which look pretty cool. So take a look at the hat and me looking like a little bit of a dick modelling it..
I love a good beanie hat I live in them in the winter and to be fair I wear them a lot in the summer too which usually gets me funny looks cause well it's warm innit. I would never have bought myself a navy hat however when it arrived I loved the look of it, I like that it has like black bits in it too. The material is pretty thick so it's perfect for winter or for festivals, because if you don't pack a beanie to a festival you're clearly not packing right haha. But yeah the beanie is great quality and is definitely going to live on my head over the winter, thanks to the guys at ISYB for sending it out to me, go check them out! Also they have some pretty awesome shirts to go with your hat, they're definitely a brand to keep an eye on! 

The rest of my outfit is pretty much my standard outfits for when I'm sitting about the house, black skinny jeans are something everyone needs in their wardrobe they're just perfect aha. The shirt is one of the best band shirts I've got in a long while, I love ADTR and The Simpsons so I needed it ridiculously bad in my life. 

Outfit details 
Hat ISYB *
Jeans Primark

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  1. I know this post is about your hat, but I definitely need your t shirt!

    Dannie x