Friday, 21 August 2015

I'm Drunk Off Your Kiss...// OOTD

I haven't shared a full outfit post in a while so I felt a little rusty posing which probably shows but hey ho I have clothes to share so whatever I'll get back in the swing of things I'm sure. Also it took me forever to find somewhere in the new flat to take photos! I want to take some outside but I'm still a bit nervous about outside photos aha. First up I dyed my hair, it went ridiculously bright this is after 3 washes and it's faded loads which is kinda sad I'll just have to top it up soon aha. Anyway it's recently got really hot again so I've started whacking my super white legs out again, funnily enough I'm really struggling with warm weather clothes as I specialise in black items but this dream one of my few lighter ones has been a dream. It's another dress I got from my little sisters wardrobe when she was having a clear out, can we all just appreciate how amazing Newlook's 9-15 Generation stuff is? The quality and fit is amazing. Being a short person has it's perks.
The dress is lightweight yet it's not too thin so I can wear it in winter, I love the little collar and with little black shoes I feel like I look really proper if you get me. Like I'm ready to go for afternoon tea or a fancy lunch. Anyway I just really like this dress and felt really cute so I wanted to share it! Seriously though if you're in Newlook check out the kids section the stuff is great and so cheap! You may be sat thinking there's no way kids stuff will fit me but really the 11-12s are like a size 8-10 so you know you'll fit!

Outfit Details
- Newlook.

Have you ever shopped in the kids section?
K. x
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Title is lyrics from My Friends Over You - New Found Glory.


  1. I love this look on you - it's kind of got an updated Wednesday Addams feel to it and I love it.

    Wild Bear x

  2. You look lovely and your hair looks amazing too! x

  3. I think this is one of my favourite outfits - you look adorable and I love your hair with the black and white design.

    Dannie x