Monday, 31 August 2015

I'm Just A Problem That Doesn't Want To Be Solved...// OOTD

You know when you find an outfit that you just feel so comfortable in you pretty much want to live in it and genuinely feel like you might look decent? That's how I feel about this one, which I find kinda silly since it's such a simple standard outfit but I've honestly never felt so comfortable in a pair of leggings, ok they're thick sorta like trousers but still. I usually feel proper self conscious and feel like I'm too big for them but this pair make me feel great definitely an amazing steal in the Topshop sale. I also feel like these are some of my favourite outfit photos I've took in a while, I know there's nothing special about the images themselves but they really made me feel good about myself which sounds big headed but I dunno they made me feel a bit confident. And gaining confidence in myself and how I look is one of the reasons I write Outfit Posts because I should learn to love how I look and how I wear my wardrobe haha.
This leather jacket has been one of my favourite things I've ever bought since I got it, oh Drop Dead you really did good with this item, I've never worn anything as much as I have this. I love that the sleeves are mesh and I love the logo on the back and can you please go back to making stuff this amazing again? Thanks. That's about it for this outfit really, I can say though everyone needs to raid small Topshop sale sections cause they always have more stock and always have good stuff left weeks later!

Outfit Details
Jacket - Drop Dead
Top - Cheap Monday
Leggings - Topshop
Bag - Primark
Hat - ASOS

K. x
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Lyrics are yet again Fall Out Boy lyrics because what else would I pick? These are from Novocaine.


  1. I love this look on you. And you hair is pretty envious. I've always wanted a leather jacket, just something about them is so effortless that they can make anything look even better x

  2. Love the outfit! I adore the red hair on you and the length of it is literally goals! haha


  3. You look so cooooool. I want your leggings!

    Dannie x