Tuesday, 18 August 2015

My University Packing Essentials...*

So with the new term approaching I thought I'd share some wisdom with all you new students out there, trying to pack for university is daunting, you have no idea what you're going to need and what you should leave behind or take. When I first moved out I really rationed what I took, this didn't end well as I missed half of my books. I regretted not having an ironing board or toastie machine mostly I regretted speakers, why I never bought or packed speakers is beyond me because lets face it laptop speakers are pretty crappy, some wireless speakers would have been perfect, especially those you can connect your phone to via bluetooth, hello changing music from far away! Anyway I have put together a little board of things I feel every new student needs for moving to University, hopefully it'll help you out;

uni essentials

For starters a kindle was a must for me, being a massive bookworm there was no way I could move them all into my uni bedroom so having a kindle came in super handy! Blankets are great you're a poor student no way can you afford to put your heating on buy a blanket and live in it! Toastie makers are your best friend trust me you'll never go hungry. Also in the kitchen department we have a potato masher, you're probably thinking why?! But honestly you'll go to make a Sunday lunch and realise no one has one &spend a good half hour trying to mash your potatoes with a fork. We have obvious essentials too like a USB which is a must for any student, you don't want to be that person who loses all their work do you? and having your own printer is so much easier, no more rushing to the library prior to a lecture cause you'll have printed it at home when you remembered at 1am! Finally two items which will essential to nights out &parties, when you get home and you're too dead to make it to the bath room trust me a good old cheap plastic bin is your best friend just make sure you bleach it afterwards! (Fun fact I had a friend who vomited in her bin to wake up in the morning to remember it was mesh and there was sick everywhere, so remember plastic!) Finally Wireless speakers are becoming such a huge must have, they're perfect for parties/predrinks they're easily portable so you don't have to lug massive sound systems to a different room! Plus this Panasonic bad boy produces some really high quality sound! Trust me if you have wireless speakers everyone will love you as you can literally take the party anywhere, a massive must for freshers week! 

I hope I've helped you find some essentials you really need for university or atleast reconsider some things you were thinking of missing out! 
K. x
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  1. I remember packing for uni, it seems like years ago. Without a doubt you've probably heard this before but you're going to have the best time ever.