Friday, 7 August 2015

The Reason I Need A Job Wishlist...


I am currently ridiculously in love with long black skinny dungarees, I've been looking at them online far too much and I keep seeing them in town, I actually really need a pair in my life or my wardrobe will not be complete. I mean I practically live in my Drop Dead dungarees so I would probably live in these just as much. I'm also still completely in love with quirky prints, this Drop Dead co-ord is just beautiful, as soon as I can afford it I'm getting it although I imagine it'll sell out before then (woe is me). On the topic of prints a cactus print dress is perfect for me I mean we all know how much I love cactus right? So why wouldn't I need this dress in my life. Also Hello Cat Shoes! Sadly Melissa shoes are super expensive and my last pair gave me awful blisters however I will be lusting after these ones ridiculous amounts. I feel like a sloth necklace needs no explanation. The Yankee candle smells unreal, I smelt it in store the other day and now I need it filling my flat with its heavenly scent. This Grand Budapest Print needs to be on my wall, I've decided I'm going to collect prints which have scenes or bits from my favourite TV shows/movies/books and this is one I need. Finally I'm forever looking for new reading material and Graveyard Shift seems like a promising comic so I'm most likely gonna purchase it once I finish Nowhere Men. 

Is there anything you're lusting after at the minute? 
K. x

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  1. I've wanted a pair of black dungarees for AGES as well, as soon as I find a job I am buying a pair. I love that those ones are ripped as well. Those cat shoes are sooooooo cute as well!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. Those shoes are too adorable! :)