Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Weasley Wednesday's #2

After the reception the last Weasley Wednesday got and the amount of people telling me he's the cutest ever I'm definitely going to keep this up! I've had him 5 weeks now and he has definitely settled in, he's no longer shy and is constantly finding new places to hide or sleep although he does still pretty much live by my side like my shadow. He also hasn't learnt that leaning over the bath to get a drink when it's not full will result in him falling head first into it, and he still thinks he can catch a seagull through the window, however it provides me a ton of entertainment so I don't mind! He's still the cutest little guy ever and cuddles into me all the time and he's started meowing more and does it if I go in an other room and don't come back and does it till I call his name and then he comes running, cutest thing EVER! He's started NUZZLING too!
So what has the little shit been up to since the last update aside from having my life? Aha

Mam left my treats on the top and thought it was super funny when I couldn't get into them, although I proved her wrong after half an hour of doing this 'cause I knocked them off the desk and smashed the plastic so all the treats fell out! YEY.
 Mam gave me my own giraffe to cuddle, but really I eat him most of the time.
 The bath is my favourite place.
 Mam was doing her washing and kept shouting of me and that she'd lost me but I was just playing hide and seek! Silly mam!
 I really like to sleep on this book, it's my favourite.
 Mam was pretty poorly so I decided to get in her onesie for cuddles and keep her warm. (I was ill all weekend like so cold and I unzipped my onesie a bit for some reason and Weasley just jumped in and ended up sleeping on me for about an hour, just laid like this!)
 I'm really starting to get sick of all these selfies she makes me do.

She does give me loads of kisses though, and I love kisses.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing even more photos of Weasley of course you can follow me on instagram for super regular updates haha. 
K. x
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  1. Weasley Wednesday is definitely my new favourite day of the week he's just sooooooo cute!

  2. Oh god, getting in your onesie is the cutest! :D xxx

  3. Aw Weasley is adorable! :D I love your little quotes to go with your pictures!