Wednesday, 30 September 2015

101 Things in 1001 Update #2

It's about time I did a second 101 in 1001 update isn't it? I've actually completed a hell of a lot more than I expect to! It's only been 173 days, ok that actually sounds like a lot of days but still. I didn't think I'd be able to do that much due to money and stuff, however it's been a busy few months and a lot has been done, my blog and travel goals are still a long way off  but everything else, I'm getting there! You can see the full list of things I want to achieve in 1001 days here Some of these are super exciting grown up things too that I didn't think would happen for a while!
 25. Get a pet cat, I got this little cutie back in July! He's so big now, I can't believe how small he used to be, he's definitely the cutest little guy ever! You can read all about Weasley in my Weasley Wednesday posts which are usually every other week!
 24. Get my own house/flat, Somehow I managed to do this and I'm all grown up and live on my own, you can find my flat tour posts in the lifestyle tab!
4. Pass Uni with a 2:1 or higher, After all the breakdowns and stress and issues going on outside of uni I still somehow managed by miracle to pass my third year with a 2:1 I'm far too over joyed about this. 

I also achieved these goals these are pretty exciting!
3. Write a research paper - one of my friends pointed out I had in fact written a research paper when I carried my dissertation out so silly me for not realising it and crossing it off before now!
5 &6. Get a Science Job & Full time Job I have accomplished this in one go, I'm lucky enough to have been offered a job in a laboratory and it's full time! I didn't expect to get into a proper science job/career so soon after graduating I'm so grateful right now.
26. Be a size 8, I'm finally the size I wanted to be and couldn't be happier.
72. Collect all the Buffy comics, I have all of them up to date now which makes me happy! Several of them are electronic versions but I don't care. I can read them all! 

So it's been a short and sweet update, I can't wait to see what else I can achieve by the end of the year! I have 828 days left to complete the last 91 things on my list! Here's hoping

Are you doing 101 things in 1001 days? If so I'd love to see your progress and your list!
K. x
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  1. This post is full of awesomeness - so much to be thankful for! They are all gigantic achievement especially in 173 days, thats less than 6 months!! So happy for you with the good things that are happening, you more than deserve it.

    Danielle xo

  2. Well done lovely!! :) love reading your updates :)

    Dannie x