Friday, 11 September 2015

365 days of 2015, 232-245...

Once again I'm posting two weeks worth of 365 together, this was intentional but to be honest I've been a bit unmotivated blogging wise, I'm trying to get back into it though. It's not that I have no inspiration of things to write about because believe me I have a note pad full of ideas it's just sitting down and writing that I've been struggling with. I'm unsure if it's my current mental state of just kinda wanting to hide in bed with netflix until something good happens or if it's because I spend so much time filling job applications out that I can't bare to type anymore or if it's because of the comments that have been made about my blog recently that have made me just kinda avoid writing. However I going to do my best to ignore horrible comments and to focus on producing good content because to be honest my blog makes me happy, I don't care how little it is but writing it makes me feel better and I love it. Getting back to the original point of the 365 posts however it has definitely been the little things that have made me smile recently, mostly food but we all know it's the way to my heart.
232. Making a brownie in the microwave definitely makes me happy.
233. This little puddin' is just too cute look at him all curled up sleeping under the duvet!
234. He also sleeps in the bath now too.
235. Lush baths are the best ever.
236. Coconut Lindt Truffles is there anything more you could want?
238. I went to Leeds, I visited the most amazing comic shop ever and got myself a few treats and I also had the best Mexican food ever. Of course no Mexican is complete without Churros.
239. He sleeps funny sometimes.
240. Planning posts in bed.
241. I got my graduation dress..
242. I'd been craving a Smarties Mcflurry forever and I finally got one!
243. Bank Holiday pancake brunch.
244. My bedding has the prettiest pattern on it.
245. Trying to read They're Not Like Us but Weasley wasn't having it. 

Have you been up to much recently? Are you doing Project 365? 

K. x


  1. Hello lovely, 236 what a great photo! Instagram perfect! Kitten looks so smart and playful. Love it! If we have not yet I would love to connect with you on Bloglovin and Twitter here and here: & Have a lovely day, Iga xxx

  2. Oh Kloe, I hope you're okay! Ignore any nasty comments about your blog, I think it's wonderful!

    P.s I kinda need that bedding! xx

    Sarah The Girl with the Winged Liner

  3. Whaat, how can anyone be mean about you, you're as cute as a button! Ignore them lovely lady xx

    Dannie x