Sunday, 13 September 2015

Lets Play Dream House, Loft Conversions.*

I don't know about you but I could spend hours trawling through Pinterest looking at houses and home interior, I have a whole board literally named 'Dream Home'. I'm so excited for the day I get my own place where I can decorate it how I want and everything, it excites me ridiculous amounts. I've spent so many hours building my dream home on Sims over the years too, one feature all my dream homes have though is a loft/attic conversion. Oh how I've longed for one for years, originally I wanted one as a bedroom when I was about 15, a snug little room with fairy lights and thick rugs with bare beams and wood floors nowadays I'm all about having a loft as a snug little reading room/library. I'm determined when I get a proper house to give myself a loft library, filled with dark wood shelves and a big skylight window, the plushest chair, beams and wood everywhere and the fluffiest of rugs covering the floor.
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However one thing that has always bugged me about loft conversions is home damage. You should always check your home insurance polices prior to doing work on your home and then once work is carried out because you never know what might happen to your cosy new room. I know my mam's house used to have tiles come off the roof all the time in bad weather allowing for rain water to seep into the brick work or if it was really bad straight into the loft itself. Imagine this happening if your loft was your room, it would be a nightmare to fix without insurance and your stuff would most likely be damaged too. It's not just the weather that could ruin it, loft floor boards are sometimes thin and can result in you putting your foot through them! Luckily you can get home insurance from Legal & General which covers all of these things. Their insurance deals are pretty good to be honest, there's different types of cover depending on what you want, definitely worth taking a look.
How good would it be though to get your loft converted so you have your own little space away from the rest of the house. I know from experience all the conversions I've seen have been so bright due to the natural light then on a night the cosiest little rooms ever. I could honestly sit and talk dream homes and home interior all day long but I think I'll just leave it there haha. A loft conversion is definitely the dream for me, one day I will have my little room of books where I can escape from the world, until then I will dream. 
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This post was written in collaboration with Legal & General however all words are my own.

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