Friday, 25 September 2015

Scents To Make You Feel Good With Neom..*

 So this post was supposed to go live at a much earlier date, however I have been a little preoccupied trying to make sure Weasley is ok and pretty busy with other stuff which is why my blog has been a little quiet this past week. When the chance to review some products to help with a good nights sleep came up there was no way I was going to say no. Recently I've been struggling to sleep more than 3/4 hours a night which isn't really a shock when you consider what's going on and stuff. I won't lie I wan't expecting amazing results from these products in terms on getting more sleep or energy but I thought why not give them a try? Sadly I was right they weren't miracle products however they did have some positives.
 Neom Perfect Night's Sleep Bath & Shower Oil
I've heard so many things about Neom as a brand and the main one has always been how relaxing their products are, although this didn't really help me gain any extra hours it did help me feel relaxed and ridiculously calm before bed. I was a little concerned with the lavender scent as sometimes it can be too much but this was just enough and the bath was perfect after a stressful day, I could have fallen asleep in it! Haha. It also left my skin ridiculously soft, I swear I melted into my bed sheets once I got into bed. I'm definitely going to buy some once this sample runs out, it may not have helped me gain more sleep but it did help me wind down and relax which is just as good to be fair.
 Neom Intensive Energy Boosting Treatment
To be perfectly honest this did nothing for me sadly, to be fair though I don't think anything works on super little sleep not even coffee haha. It does however have a really nice smell which lasts quite a while. I'm going to go back to using this product after I've had more sleep to see if it helps me with a midday lag or something! 

Overall these products didn't give me more energy or help me sleep but they did have super nice smells and the bath oil relaxed me ridiculous amounts so I can't really complain. I'm going to retry these products when I don't have as much on my mind and see if they help then. The oil is definitely worth it though for how good my skin felt after using it in the bath.
Don't let my review put you off trying these or other Neom products though, nothing helps me sleep or gives me energy so it was a long shot either of these would. However they both smell amazing so you should buy them just for that!

What helps you sleep? Have you tried any Neom products?
K. x
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  1. Ah such a shame they weren't miracle workers but if they helped you relax and unwind that's the next best thing :)

    Dannie x