Thursday, 10 September 2015

Tuesday's Playlist on a Thursday 10/9/15

I won't lie this was supposed to be posted on Tuesday but I was working on other things and I may have spent 4 hours reading Buffy comics which I will talk about in another blog post. So we have a new playlist the first one in about a month, I love music it can change your mood so much, certain songs have memories attached to them and others remind you of people and to be honest I don't think I can think of anything that can indicate your mood as well as music does either. Recently I've been singing the same songs over and over even when I haven't listened to them, although I won't lie I've listened to a lot of Brand New and Fall Out Boy recently since it isn't long till I see either! So what have I been listening to recently? Nothing new really but I guess they're all good songs so it's fine.

Jet Pack Blues- Would it really be a playlist by me if it didn't have some Fall Out Boy in it? Haha, this is one of my favourites off AB/AP the lyrics are just perfect even if they are repetitive. It sounds so different to a lot of FOB stuff but I dunno the melody is just its such a nice song ok? I love Patricks little voice in it and if they play it when I see them I'll probably cry.
Favourite lyrics; Did you ever love her? Do you know? Or did you never want to be alone?
Vermilion - I just really love Slipknot really, I remember being fascinated by the video for this song when I was younger. I love Corey's voice so much in this, its kinda hypnotic aha. It's just a perfect song, I just found myself humming the chorus the other day and have played it constantly since.
Favourite lyrics; I won't let this build up inside of me. 
Jesus Christ - This was the first song I ever heard by Brand New, I'm not really a massive fan of slow songs but the lyrics to this always stood out. I don't really know what I like about it, cause to be honest how some parts are sung annoys me but I really like the versus'.
Favourite lyrics; Do you believe you're missing out? That everything good is happening somewhere else? 
Re-education Through Labor - I love Rise Against, I love how politic their songs are they're just an amazing band. Like I really love how they've stuck with their ethics and everything it's so good. This song is one of their more upbeat sounding ones and it always gets me in the mood to be motivated and do stuff. Like it really makes me feel like I should go and just do/get what I want and sort my shit out aha.
Favourite lyrics; I won't believe the lies that hide the truth.
Crawling - Linkin Park take me right back to being 14, their music just gets me so excited, well Hybrid Theory does anyway. Crawling makes me want to jump around a bit, it's such a good work out song too because it just fills me with motivation to do stuff. The lyrics are soo good too, it's definitely one of their pieces of work.
Favourite lyrics; I can't find myself again, my walls are closing in. 

Do you have any new music recommendations for me?
K. x
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