Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Weasley Wednesday's #3

It's that time again! I thought by the time I got to Weasley Wednesday #3, I'd be over taking a million photos of Weasley and I'd be pretty chill about him, however he's still the most ridiculously adorable kitty cat ever and he's still doing the silliest things. He still hasn't learnt that if he leans too far over the bath he will fall in, this happened after 12 days without incident, he then got in again 2 days later, I'm beginning to think he might just really like baths? He's also started meowing properly which is still a bit of a shock when he does it cause he's such a quiet cat! He's chirping loads too, he's just all round adorable still, although he's currently being a little shit and biting everything cause apparently he's teething, never even knew that was a thing for cats!

Mam leaves me a glass of water next to bed each night, isn't she proper nice. (I've had to get a cup with a plastic lid on so he can't do this no more! Worst thing ever.)
I finally let mam put my pretty new collar on me, I'm no longer scared of it and I do look extremely handsome don't you think?
 Mam really needs to stop taking photos of me sleeping, especially when she gets home from work and I've made myself all snug 'cause she always ends up waking me up!
 I got caught trying to get into my cat treats, but the salmon sticks are so good I couldn't help it!
I like sleeping in mam's clothes that she's about to put on, for some reason this annoys her, she's silly.
This time I didn't fall in the bath but I got these weird bubble things stuck to me and mam wouldn't help me she just stood and laughed at me :(

hope you've enjoyed seeing even more photos of Weasley of course you can follow me on instagram for super regular updates haha. If you haven't enjoyed this feature I apologise, I would like some feedback on these posts though haha. 
K. x
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  1. ahhhh soo cuteee!!!!!!!
    Jade xo

  2. Weasley is so cute!! I just want to cuddle him :) xx