Sunday, 18 October 2015

365 days of 2015, 268-288...

I'll be the first to admit it, currently I am an absolutely terrible blogger, I have quite a few deadlines hanging over me yet I've spent my weekend catching up on sleep, cuddling the cat and seeing my sisters oops. I have however got perfectly good reason for abandoning my 365 posts for so long, I've been insanely busy, since my last update I've been to Lincoln twice, Leeds, Two gigs, I had a Job Interview, got the job, started work, finished working at Empire and hosted an Ann Summers party. in 3 weeks that is quite a lot of stuff to happen in my opinion. I swear I haven't had a moment to sit down for a few weeks and just blog! Haha, I do plan to get in to a schedule and a routine it will most likely take some time so please stick with me, I promise I'll be writing loads of nonsense again soon! So what have I been up to in the last 21 days?

 268. Starbucks makes long days so much better. 269. I had a job interview so the only photo I have is one of Weasley. 270. Lincoln has a new Waffle House and it's amazing! (Madame Waffle for those interested, it's definitely worth a visit!)
 271. Weasley wanted more chicken on his Sunday Dinner. 272. Gran Dot forever makes the best dippy eggs. 273. Sleepy Weasley is my favourite.
 274. PUMPKINS. I was so happy when I spotted these! 275. Baking cookies for the Ann Summers Party. 276. The finished cookies for the party.
 277. I saw Fall Out Boy and TOUCHED PETE WENTZ, read all about it - here. 278. Intergalactic is my new favourite product from Lush. 279. Weasley is a right little shit.
 280. Sam &Josh got a bearded dragon and she is the prettiest ever. 281. I saw Bullet For My Valentine with my favourite people. 282. I had the biggest Caramel bar for lunch.
 283. Weasley has a new thing for climbing up the clothes drier. 284. Nothing better than cinnamon buns and hot cups of tea. 285. Autumn leaves are the prettiest they make me really happy.
286. Preparing for my first day of work, waiting nervously for the train. 287. Finally getting up early enough for a good breakfast. 288. Blogger mail is my favourite!

So far my new job is great, everyone seems proper nice and it's great to go to bed at a regular time over the weekend! I'm far too excited to get into a proper routine too!

Have you been up to much recently? Are you doing Project 365? 

K. x


  1. Ahhh that bloomin' cat of yours! I'm not even a fan of cats but he melts my heart every time I see him. So glad that you had such a great time at Fall Out Boy. They were actually one band I wasn't really into as a teen but I remember when I met Jimmy Eat World and how it was Zach handed me the drum sticks from the stage so can totally imagine how cool it must have been for you!

    Danielle xo

  2. Oooohhh congrats on the new job!!! It's always so daunting starting somewhere new, so glad everyone is lovely.
    I'm terrible with instagram myself, I ALWAYS forget about it for weeks at a time too.
    I've not seen BFMV for YEEEARS they've gone all healthy and clean living now I think haha, we're getting so old.
    I wanna play with all the pets, look at your wee man, Weasley, he is just adorable!
    Gillian  xx  EyelinerFlicks