Thursday, 29 October 2015

I Got That Good Girl Faith &A Tight Little Skirt // OOTD

It's been a while since I shared an outfit with you all! I'm going to try and share my A/W wardrobe with you regularly as since I have my new job I will hopefully be able to update my wardrobe and buy loads of new pretty clothes that fit!
Autumn/Winter is without a doubt my favourite season for clothes, most of my wardrobe doesn't see light of day until these months so I love it. I love how much tartan is in stores and how everything comes in burgundy or black. Recently I've found myself struggling to find anything in my wardrobe that fits due to losing weight so the second some high street vouchers came through my door I knew I'd be raiding my nearest New Look. After initial heartbreak over being told size 6 isn't a regular size and feeling like I'd never find anything I loved I raided the teens section and found this skirt hidden away in womenswear. Together they feel like the perfect autumn/winter outfit, the skirt is such a flattering fit and the top is the softest material ever. I kinda really want to live in it. The shoes are by Melissa and are so comfortable once you break them in, I could actually live in these now.

What's your favourite season for fashion?
K. x
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  1. I really like the outfit, how it goes with your hair!
    Congrats on the new job :)
    Jade xo