Friday, 6 November 2015

365 days of 2015, 289-309...

Ok so having a full time job and being busy on weekends really doesn't give me much time to blog, to be honest I could do more on a night when I get home but to be honest I'm currently making my way through some pretty good books/comics so I'm preoccupied haha. However I promise I'm going to blog a lot more because my list of posts that need to be written is a bit of a joke, I'm sure I'll learn to balance my life soon! Until then I will be sporadic but oh well. However, I am still managing to take my 365 photos, so that's a huge plus, I'm definitely going to be sharing a few weeks at once when I start again next year as it is sooooo much easier! Oh and I've got a proper blogging schedule that I'm hoping to stick to and hopefully a new design coming so keep your eyes peeled!
 289. Coffee makes my mornings so much better. 290. Autumn actually makes Middlesbrough look alright. 291. Emilia and Annabel came for the night so we had ridiculous amounts of pizza.
 292. Wintery Candles are the best. 293. Weasley's face is my favourite ever. 294. Bubble baths are the dream, even if my bath is broken and I get into trouble for having one.
 295. Cuddles make me happy. 296. Boro station is like my new home. 297. Cheesecake and The Walking Dead means I cannot go wrong.
 298. Random trips to Redcar for Lemon Tops are always good. 299. My eyeliner looked good for once so obvs I was happy. 300. Autumn Leaves are my favourite.  
 301. If you haven't tried this, you need to. That is all. 302. Pretty Middlesbrough. 303. My 'My Geek Box' finally arrived blog post coming soon!
 304. Middlesbrough Station got some art. 305. Halloween with my favourites. I drank far too much and died for 2 days but it was definitely worth it. 306. Dying. The only word to sum up the 1st.
307. RIP Motely Crue, my dad was a mega babe and got us tickets to Crue's final tour and it was pretty emotional. 308. I had a day off so treat myself Black Opium smells amazing! 309. My cactus has flowers on it and I am so happy about it!

What's been making you happy recently? 

K. x

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