Sunday, 22 November 2015

365 days of 2015, 310-323...

As it always seems to be at the moment my posts are pretty sporadic and I've not really got much of a schedule anymore I apologise for this however my life is pretty busy, I haven't had a free weekend to do nothing for weeks, even this weekend where I had no plans has been taken up with list writing and getting prepared for Graduating on Thursday! My life has mostly been busy due to my new job, getting home at half 6 and getting up at half 6 makes me kinda just want to lie on the couch and binge watch Netflix when I get home. I'm hoping this will change once we get into the new year since I'm currently planning on moving in January! (Far too excited about this!) However I'm still doing my 365 and although I don't have much of a blogging schedule I do have loads to share with you all, I have several posts scheduled for the next few weeks so please stick it out?
 310. Archer is my new favourite show, however I've binged on it so much I have no new episodes left. 311. Sometimes Middlesbrough looks pretty. 312. Being basic and buying gingerbread lattes because how can I not?
 313. Dinner with my friends is always fun, first time I had a parmo all to myself and I will NEVER look back. 314. My cactus flowered! 315. Weasley is still the cutest little ginger baby ever.
 316. Maccies breakfasts will always be my favourite. 317. These Gingerbread Latte sachets are unreal. 318. Weasley has currently taken to getting into bed and under the duvet to sleep.
 319. I went home to see the fam for the night. 320. Me and granda Ronnie went to Durham Lumiere. 321. Bubble baths and cups of tea are the only way to stay warm at the moment.
322. This is the best chocolate ever, kinda just want to buy it all. 323. The mornings are so dark at the moment, walking to the station when the street lights are on is a little grim I won't lie. 

What have you been up to recently? 

K. x

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