Saturday, 7 November 2015

Introducing Punk Paws.

First up I hate winter, there is legit no way you can take nice photos in doors! Lighting is so bad, also Weasley is currently the grumpiest cat EVER never wants to be nice and get his photo took, however I did my best and I really wanted to get this post up so...

Say hello to my new favourite brand, Punk Paws. Punk Paws is ran by quite possibly my favourite couple ever Sam (you know my best friend) and her boyfriend Josh. They came up with the idea during their last year of university, their idea is to create alternative style clothing for animal lovers which gives back. So not only do they create awesome designs but they also donate 10% of each shirt bought to Cats Protection! How amazing is that? (If you don't know Cat's Protection is an amazing charity who rescue and rehome unwanted, stray and homeless cats.) 

Currently Punk Paws only have 2 designs online however they're both amazing, I'm definitely buying the Blasphemy and Kittens shirt when I get chance. I actually want to live in this one, I'm forever skeptical about buying shirts online cause usually you get them especially alt brands and band shirts and they have the most starchy stiff material but oh man these are sooooo soft! At the weekend I got a little peak at other designs they've been coming up with and they're definitely a brand to watch, I'm going to be penniless when they get more online, I'm not even kidding, I'm actually prepared to beg them to print my favourite one! 

Seriously though head over to their store and have a look, maybe help a few kitties out by buying a shirt whilst you're on! Also by buying a shirt you're helping a nice little independent business and that is one of the best things ever! You can also find them on twitter and instagram!

What do you think about supporting indie clothing business'? Let me know if you get anything!

K. x
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  1. I can't believe how big that little kitty has gotten!
    The tshirt is great and I love that the donate to cat protection! :)