Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Things I Desperately Need Wishlist.


Pandorica Opens Dress, Willow Pop Vinyl, Star Wars Pjs, Flowerbomb, Antler Necklace, Jack Christmas Decoration, Tardis Dress, Buffy Hardback, Krusty Phone Case, Candle, Skirt.

Since getting a proper job it has hit me that I can in fact treat myself to little things now and again as I'll have enough money for me and for bills! Which is AMAZING. Cue ridiculous amounts of internet searching, Tonight while searching for inspiration for Christmas gifts I found myself in stead looking at things I'd rather buy myself, so here we have it things I'd very much like in my life but probably won't get chance to purchase for a bit. Looking at this I want some pure geeky things however that is fine because they would fit right in.

How amazing is the Black Milk Dr Who collection? I don't know which dress I need more to be honest, although I feel the standard Tardis dress would work better with stuff I already have haha. Also how amazing is the Skinny Dip Krusty Collection? The Simpsons has been one of my favourite TV Shows for as long as I can remember so I must own something from this collection and a somewhat tacky Krusty Shake phone case is the perfect item. After Primark's utterly disappointing Star Wars pjs spotting these in Topshop meant I needed them, however £20 for pjs is so depressing, although I'd rather pay £20 than wear pjs with a Storm Trooper on that say I'd rather date a rebel (which makes no sense primark, nor does R2D2 saying Grrr!!) Of course I need Buffy things, Willow is next on my Pop Vinyl list I might have to get Oz too! I also want all the Buffy Library Editions they look so beautiful and mean I can reread Buffy without having to take my comics out of their plastic! Ha. Finally I've wanted Flowerbomb for AGES I almost got it with a gift card last week but ended up with Black Opium (no regrets), likewise the Maple Gingerbread Yankee candle smells amazing. Jack Skellington would look amazing on my Christmas Tree, I plan on having a goth Christmas so he needs to be on there!

What are you lusting after ready for payday?
K. x
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