Saturday, 19 December 2015

365 days of 2015, 324-351...

It's almost been a full month since I last posted a 365 day post, and I have about 3 weeks to share with you all. What can I say I've been fairly busy it is the Christmas Season after all I mean between working, trying to catch up with friends and then trying to do Christmas shopping I literally have no time to anything. I mean I love Christmas and I love treating my family and friends but I cannot wait for it be over so I can relax a bit. I feel a bit bad because I started blogmas too and then stopped after like 10 days because I was so busy/tired I do have a few recipes I'll still share and an outfit though! I'm moving in the New Year and I'm 100% sure once my move is over I'll be back to blogging all the time again since I won't be as tired. Anyway he is half of November and December!
 324. I went to the Psyche Winter Fashion Show you can read about it here325. Weasley is getting so so big! 326. Cinnamon Buns and Coffee are the best on Weekends.
 327. Weasley kept stealing all the heat so he could be warm the shit. 328. He then did nothing but sleep on me. 329. He also keeps sitting staring at me judging me.  
 330. Snow Fairy baths are forever amazing. 331. Graduation! I graduated at last, read about it here. 332. Pixies Diner Breakfasts sort you right out if you've got a wine hangover!
 333. I started my Christmas Shopping and Weasley loved it. 334. Lush's Luxury Pud is an amazing Bath Bomb. 335. Baking Cakes, Ginger and a Double Chocolate, recipes will be up soon!
 336. Sleepy Kitty. 337. Lush Baths are such a regular thing at the minute. 338. Trying to put the tree up with this little shit climbing about it was the hardest thing ever! 
 339. Weasley The Christmas Cat. 340. I had my work Christmas Party. 341. My Christmas tree was all nice and pretty for the whole of 10 hours.
 342. All he does is sleep I swear. 343. Middlesbrough looks somewhat pretty at Christmas. 344. Sunrises are quite possibly one of the only good things about getting up so early.  
 345. R2D2 cupcakes are the best kind of treats. 346. Sam and Brandon came up for Sumo since it was a Star Wars special. 347. I spent Saturday hungover dying watching Star Wars.  
348. Fried Breakfasts are always a good choice for Sundays. 349. New pretty Christmas nails. 350. I had cocktails/food with Danni at Canteen &Cocktails I'll post a review soon I'm sure. 351. I SAW STAR WARS AT MIDNIGHT AND IT WAS AMAZING. 

So that is where I've been! Where have you been? Have you wrote any exciting posts I've probably missed? If so please leave links! 

K. x

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