Tuesday, 1 December 2015

#Blogmas Day 1. Winter Hair Care With Neal & Wolf*

Kicking off Blogmas I've decided to share some amazing products to keep your hair in tip top condition ready for the Christmas Party Season. Over the years my hair has been through ridiculous amounts and I mean ridiculous amounts. This year alone it's been bleached a couple of times and dyed, it's also pretty long so I really have to take care of it. When asked if I wanted to try some Neal and Wolf hair products I jumped at the chance, I'm forever looking for hair care products that will make my hair feel as if it's never been damaged and this is one that does the trick!
I got the chance to review products from the Harmony range which come in a nice little gift set which is perfect for Christmas! The Harmony products are designed for all hair types and have been 'specially created to repair damaged hair, using a unique combination of intensive conditioners that deliver an instant transformation. The difference in texture and appearance is truly stunning, leaving hair shiny, healthy and manageable.' Having bleached my hair it can get pretty dry especially during the winter months, it gets super tangled and hard to manage due to winter winds too which is no fun, there is nothing worse than not being able to get a brush through my hair.
This stuff though oh man! I need to get me some more. Never has my hair felt so soft! I could get a brush through it no problem for days, it barely knotted! It smells amazing too, I'd definitely recommend it to anyone whos hair may need some TLC this winter. I couldn't stop touching my hair, it makes me really sad that I'm almost out of it! Honestly, if your hair is dull or dry try Neal & Wolf it really makes a difference!

Have you tried Neal & Wolf products?
K. x
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  1. Thank you so much for reviewing this product, Winter is an awful period for my hair (far worse than Summer, actually), so I am always looking for new nourishing and care solutions around. Also, thanks for getting involved on Blogmas! I find very exciting to read these type of posts! I started posting today too, so here you are, just in case you feel interested about it:


  2. These sound amazing! I have such trouble brushing my hair as well, it gets so knotted! Definitely want to try these.

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog