Sunday, 13 December 2015

#Blogmas Day 13. Favourite Christmas Movies.

Since I've been a little bit busy Blogmas has taken a back seat and I've had no time to post every day so I do apologise however I have been seeing my friends, working, drinking and eating far to much haha. However Blogmas is back and I'm talking my favourite Christmas movies! I never really go out of my way to watch Christmas movies to be honest I hate 90% of them and if I have to sit through Elf once more I might cry. I do have a few that I'll happily watch though and in no particular order here they are; 

How The Grinch Stole Christmas -
This is quite possibly my all time favourite Christmas movie, I love it. Sometimes I feel like the Grinch is me, his part about being busy because he needs a nap, and eat dinner and spend some time self loathing just brilliant. I love everything about this story and it's not like ridiculously childish or christmassy either. Plus it's Dr Seuss, so it's just perfect. 

Jingle All The Way - This is such a cheesy movie especially the ending but it's so funny. All the way through you just really want Arnold Schwarzenegger's character to get the toy and prove to his family he cares about them and you want to knock the neighbour out. It's such a feel good happy Christmas movie with plenty laughs and cheese I'd really recommend it to everyone who hasn't seen it. 

Gremlins - Is the Gremlins a Christmas movie? I forever class it as one, I mean it does start as finding a Christmas present so yano Christmas movie. (I'm also sure google class it as one.) I remember seeing this for the first time as a kid and loving it, Gizmo is adorable and it's just a really fun family movie. I remember not being able to take my eyes off it the first time I saw it and it's really just a classic now.
The Muppets Christmas Carol -This has far a far too catchy song, I only need to watch it once to find myself humming it. It of course tells the classic tale of a Christmas Carol but with a muppet twist and it's just brilliant. I don't really know what else to say aside from it's amazing and you need to watch it.
The Nightmare Before Christmas - Of course we need something a little goth in here, Tim Burton is the king of goth of course. TNBC is filled with songs and it's not overly Christmassy which is always a plus. It's also a Halloween movie but who cares it's mostly Christmas I mean Jack is trying to steal it and is making Christmas presents! If you haven't seen this one I am 100% deeply judging you. Also there's a rock version of the soundtrack and it is Amazing (Fall Out Boy feature on it so yano unreal.)
Love Actually - 
Such a classic, to be honest I'll watch this one any time of year because it's just so good. I have a few issues with the story such as stealing your mates lass but I do love it. It's just such a feel good one and makes me so happy. Also Rick Grimes is in there and I forget every time and it just makes me laugh seeing him play someone normal haha. 

So those are my favourite Christmas movies, no elf here thank god haha. What are yours?
K. x
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  1. I do like Love Actually too! A friend told me The Holiday was equally good, but I watched it last night and it has nothing to do, I am afraid. I think the story lines in Love Actually are so natural, simple and human that basically everyone can be sympathetic with it, don´t you think?