Sunday, 6 December 2015

#Blogmas Day 6. Christmas Party OOTD.

 HAPPY BLOGMAS DAY 6! As if we're 6 days into December already! I apologise first of all for how white my legs are, I have really got to get them out so more! I practically blend into the wall haha, also I apologise for my face, my work Christmas Party was last night so I took this photos this afternoon while my hair still looked cute however my face just says 'I drank far too much wine and did far too many shots last night and I'm dying a little on the inside'.
For the work party I decided I wanted a sparkly pretty sequined Chirstmas dress and my god it took me forever to find the perfect one, I'd been eyeing this one up on ASOS for some time and finally took the plunge on Black Friday. I felt a little uncomfortable in it at first as it's a shift dress and I only ever wear body con or skater style and almost NEVER wear colour so I was pretty unsure I suited it at first, however I loved how sparkly it was so I couldn't return it. It was super comfy to wear as well, it was well warm but comfy not scratchy and annoying like I expected the sequins to be. I got so many comments on how I looked like a mermaid in it which was nice although I felt more like a Christmas tree which was then confirmed by Erica haha. However I absolutely love the dress and just had to share these kinda terrible photos of the outfit with you all! I'm so happy I left my comfort zone and went with this dress, I'm definitely going to try different styles and maybe colour on occasion too! The shoes were bought originally for my Graduation ball and they're so so comfy, I love how simple they are and the heel is like the perfect height. I can actually manage a whole night in them! So perfect.

Dress - Motel Rocks via ASOS
Shoes - ASOS 

What would you wear to your work Christmas party?

K. x
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  1. OMG! You look amazing on this dress. The color contrast with your hair is simply gorgeous.
    And yes, they are all right: you made me think of The Little Mermaid first thing. But that´s really good. Not everyone can look like a fantasy character without even noticing! ♥

  2. Love this dress! You look stunning! :) xo