Tuesday, 8 December 2015

#Blogmas Day 8. My Christmas Tree.

You have no idea how excited I was to have my own Christmas tree this year, I do personally love a really traditional tree all green with red decorations and lots of tartan but I also wanted a 'goth' 'geeky' tree and that is what I have ended up with. My mam has a collection of Christmas trees, in our house we had a different tree to match whatever style our living room was that year which left us with several different coloured trees and a million baubles. When she asked if I wanted the Black tree I wasn't going to say no, my initial idea was black tree, purple baubles and then a million Nightmare Before Christmas decorations, then I spotted Star Wars one and it just ended up being a tree that describes me ha. 
The Nightmare before Christmas decorations are from Ebay and Etsy, whilst the Star Wars ones set me back a pretty £15 on Truffle Shuffle, the majority of the rest are from B&M or Asda, I have a few DIY baubles such as the Harry Potter ones, I wanted some off Etsy but I refuse to pay £5 for a bauble someone has drawn on with a marker so I now have hand drawn ones of my own, even if they don't look as fancy as the Etsy ones I still love them. I have a few special Disney ones such as the Mickey you can see, there's also a Minnie and a Disneyland 2002 bauble from when my mam and gran took us. I've loved these baubles for as long as we've had them haha. 
Finally my biggest issue was topping the tree, Angels are far too pretty for my theme and stars don't stay up straight so after searching the internet for inspiration I decided on a Weeping Angel however these cost like £20 and no I am not willing to pay that, so we made our own really shitty looking one however it'll do for this year and it's kinda creepy looking when only the fairy lights are on! I'll be sharing the DIY's over Blogmas too! 
So that is my tree, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, even if I ran out of lights and had to use different ones at the top. I'm really dreading taking it down and finding a place to store it all though haha, also keeping Weasley off it is turning out to be a massive struggle!

What does your Christmas tree look like? Do you have a theme?
K. x
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  1. Ah your tree is lovely. I always prefer a tree that tells a story rather than a Pinterest perfect tree that looks like something from a catalogue. Your Minnie and Mackey baubles are adorable. My tree at home is filled with baubles from all over the world and had made decorations from when me and my siblings were young :) hope you have a lovely Christmas

    ox Lucy // theonewithlucy.blogspot.com

  2. I love the Star Wars baubles!
    I've not got a tree yet, can't see it happening this year either, doesn't seem high up enough on the priority list. But I did decorate the house which isn't something I usually do! I'm not a classic Christmas decor fan, I like to take a more colour coded, minimalist vibe ... black, white and silver it is!