Saturday, 2 January 2016

365 days of 2015, 351-365...

I can't believe I stuck to it and actually took a photo every day of the year! I've had a lot of fun doing it so I'm sorry guys but I will be doing the exact same in 2016 however it'll be 366 days! YEY. So what did the last few weeks of 2015 bring me aside from Christmas stress I hear you ask..

 351. I made raspberry jam. 352. I went for cocktails with my friend Michael and it was great, however I then decided to go out to sumo with a bunch of friends after an entire day of drinking which was not a beautiful sight haha. 353. Wrapping Christmas presents with help from this cutie.
 354. My flat looked all Christmassy. 355. Lush baths will ALWAYS be the best. 356. I'm so close to being all caught up on my comics and that makes me happy.
 357. I made Ginger cake, recipe to follow soon. 358. Weasley was very confused by Christmas. 359. Christmas day was spent with my dad and sisters for the first time since like '96! It was the best Christmas I've had in a long time, I ate amazing food, had such a laugh with this lot and drank some good whisky what more could I want?
 360. Boxing day meant ta trip to Gran Dots to see my uncle where I was greated with this beauty. 361. Sunday was supposed to be my last sumo and a nightout but it ended up being a girls night in with pizza but it was still pretty perfect. 362. I saw my favourite goths and Sam wins at wrapping paper.
363. I picked my keys up to my new house! 364. Physically exhausted watching netflix in bed with this cutie. 365. I spent New Year stuffing my face with all the best foods with my bestest friends. 

So that's the end of my 365 I can't wait to share 366 photos next year!
K. x

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  1. Congrats on finishing the challenge! I definitely wouldn't have managed it all.... And good luck in your new house! Lucy, xxx