Sunday, 17 January 2016

366 days of 2016, 1-15...

I finally have wifi in my house! How I have missed my little blog and writing posts, I left a few scheduled for the 2 weeks I'd be without wifi but for some reason Bloglovin' isn't linking to twitter so you may have missed them! I'm excited to share my first 366 days post! I had so much fun doing 365 last year and sharing what I'd been up to each day with you all that there was no doubt that I'd be doing it again this year. So far 2016 has been pretty busy and I feel like it's not going to slow down either.
 1. My last bubble bath in my flat, it was far too sunny and photo is shocking but it's the only one I took that day. 2. I moved house! I know I took a photo of my keys when I got them, but I actually used them and moved in! 3. My bed was far too comfy after a weekend of unpacking and moving!
 4. Weasley got a new bed and he loves it. 5. My new house has a HUGE bath and it's perfect. 6. Trying to get through Christmas chocolate is so hard when there's ridiculous amounts, however Star Wars chocolate will always make me happy.
 7. This mug is everything. 8. Weasley has settled in so perfectly, he's already found his little spot. 9. Places that deliver cake and milkshake are my favourite.
 10. Sunday mornings at the gym followed by pineapple and The Walking Dead are the best. 11. I popped home for the night, so here's a photo from while I waited for the bus back. 12. Blog and life planning for 2016 is underway. So many plans already!
13. Weasley is all about trying to lie on the book I'm trying to read at the moment which gets annoying fairly quick haha. 14. So happy with how my little house is coming together, keep your eyes peeled for some room tours! 15. I got about 6 inches of hair cut off and I hated it until today hahaha.

So that's 2016 so far, I really cannot wait to see what the next 351 days bring! Are you doing a photo a day this year? 
K. x
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  1. Oh, I certainly missed you while you were Internet off.
    It is great to see you finally moved and you got such a lovely house, and you feel glad about it. I am very fond of bubble baths too, specially during Winter, so I understand how happy you are about a new huge bath.
    I hope you settle smoothly and I´m truly looking forward to hear more from you!

    Also, great Project 365 start! I forgot about it the first week (LOL), but managed to keep going with it after that.

  2. Not embarrassed to admit I come to these posts for your face and Weasley! ha Me, that doesn't even like cats!
    Glad you have wifi again and that you're doing another P365!


  3. Yaaay, I love your 365 posts! I forgot to start mine... there's always next year?

    Dannie x