Saturday, 30 January 2016

But My Head Is Like A Carousel.. //OOTD

Think I've got being a moody fashion blogger down to a T don't you? Haha. I'm so in love with this outfit, I want to live in it. As soon as I saw this pinafore on the Drop Dead site I knew I had to have it, I live in my dungarees from there so this was a must. I love how it's got a cut out back, and it works so well with a roll neck top which is all I live in these days. The shoes, oh my god the shoes, I've been looking for some flatform smart shoes for ages, I wanted something that reminded me of creepers/brogues and I spotted these in the Topshop sale and pretty much ran at them. I actually love them, they're so comfy and I just want to wear them with everything. They're suede too so they're perfect.
I've already planned on packing this beauty for Download festival I mean it like imagine them with a pair of Docs and a band shirt, it would be so cute! I'm far too excited to find loads of ways to wear them. I can't really think of much else to say aside from Drop Dead are still on point with all their items. I will forever live in their stuff Haha. 
K. x
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The title is lyrics from a Bring Me The Horizon song of course, - Happy Song.


  1. Lovely outfit - that pinafore is gorgeous! Also your hair is such a great colour! :)

  2. You wear the best things! I'm so jealous. I'm like a little old lady compared to you.

    Dannie x