Sunday, 10 January 2016

Canteen & Cocktails, Norton Highstreet.

Just before Christmas I headed to Canteen & Cocktails for food & a catch up with one of my favourite bloggers Danni of Gingerbread Smiles. (You can read her thoughts here they're much better than mine as she's less fussy haha.) What I love about catch ups with Danni is we always have a lot to talk about and there's always some amazing food involved and this one was no different. 

First up I have to applaud the place on its decor, the back of the bar was exposed pipes that looked amazing and the industrial themed lighting was just perfect. I loved it. I wish I'd taken photos of the place as well as my food haha. As I don't drive I decided to treat myself to a cheeky Strawberry Daiquiri and it was perfect, not too strong or sweet.

Food wise I was a little taken back, I'm a super fussy eater we all know this but once I saw Mac and Cheese there was no going back, it's only a side dish so I had to get fries with it of course. Oh man those fries. They were the perfect amount of crispyness, the Mac and Cheese on the otherhand.. I still don't know how I feel about it, I can't really complain about how pasta is cooked by really soggy pasta is a massive pet hate of mine and that's how this was super soft and not very good at sticking to the fork. But the sauce was sooo good, I was a bit shocked at first when it turned up filled with 'green shit' and meat as I wasn't expecting it, (a note in the menu would have been fab). Although all these points make it seem like I didn't enjoy it, I actually really did the sauce was really yummy.

We all know though that the best part of any meal is dessert, you're lying to yourself if you disagree. I got the Caramel sundae and it had the thickest caramel sauce I've ever had, and the icecream was so so creamy oh and those chocolate buttons fairly sure they were dairy milk. It was definitely worth over eating to have dessert.

Mostly I'd recommend the place for cocktails and a dessert but that's just because I'm fussy! Don't take my word for it though! You need to try it yourself!

K. x
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  1. The drinks and dessert look delish!!

    Brittny |

  2. That dessert does look pretty special!

  3. Haha I love that you said I'm not as fussy! It's brill when we get to catch up! :D xo