Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Food || Bells Of Durham

So this has been sat in my drafts forever but as always it's better late than never right? Once again before Christmas I went out for food, this time it was with my grandparents and sister as I decided to take them out for lunch, Gran Dot always does a Sunday dinner so I thought for a change I'd treat her to not having to cook at one of their favourite places in Durham. For aslong as I can remember my Gran and Granda have taken me here for food, I still call it Bimbis!
Located in Durham Market place its pretty hard to miss and is more often than not pretty busy despite this though the service is always amazing and you get seated pretty quick. I mean if a place has a queue out the door you know it's gonna be good right? And it's the best. One of my favourite things about the place is the decor, of course its nautical and fish themed but its kinda quirky. I also love the fish shaped plates.

Fish and Chips is a right old British classic and this place does it perfectly, nice crisp batter coats fresh fish with a side of perfectly cooked chips. I'm personally not a massive chip fan but the chips from Bells are always amazing and there's never any left over. Everyone aside from me opted for battered fish, my sister got a small one but as you can see above though the portions are very generous. I went for a classic battered sausage because it's my favourite, even the sausage batter is the perfect crispyness none of this super rock hard crunchy batter that has no taste. We opted to get two pots of tea, a bottle of beer and a coke with our food and it was still a reasonably priced bill of about £40! For four people that's a great deal, you might think it's a lot for Fish and Chips but it's definitely worth it. If there's one place you need to visit for good British food in Durham it's definitely Bells. 

Have you tried Bells? Where's your favourite place to eat in Durham?
K. x
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  1. We have a Bells takeaway in Gilesgate (just out of the Town centre) which is part of the same chain and they're always lush! Never been to the restaurant in town will have to check it out!xo

  2. Everyone at my office gets fish n chips every Friday from the chippie up the road - - - but I always miss out because I don't like fish! what a waste! :)

  3. wow that view, so many memories! I started my blog (300daysofengland) while I was studying in Durham :)