Wednesday, 20 January 2016

This Ship Of Fools I'm On Will Sink.. // OOTD

I'm back with an outfit post from my new 'blogging/dressing' room, at long last I'm sharing these amazing leggings with you all. I got these way back in September and of course they're none other than Drop Dead I mean do I wear much else? I feel like for half of Autumn I lived in leggings and it's probably going to be the same for the cooler spring weather that'll be coming shortly (I hope). I actually love them, they're so comfy and of course with them being Itchy and Scratchy print you kinda want to live in them!
I feel when wearing patterned leggings the only way you can go with that is teaming it with plain items, this baggy jumper is easily my favourite and the coat is the best £10 I've ever spent! Of course the only shoes you can wear with this outfit are a pair of vans. I finally got myself a new pair, I'm so happy I decided on the Old Skool style they're so much warmer and feel like they'll probably last a little longer!
You may have also noticed I have new hair, I'm a bit more ginger than red and I've lost a hell of a lot of it. I won't lie I almost cried and hate myself for a good few hours and felt vile but it's finally grown on me and I'm a fan. Plus it feels amazing and so so soft now! I can't wait to share more outfits from my new house, I have a few new things that are perfect for Winter/Spring transitioning I'm really excited to share them haha. 

Outfit Details

Leggings - DropDead
Jumper - H&M
Coat - Monki
Shoes - Vans
Hat - ASOS.

Have you shared any outfits recently? If so I'd love to see!

K. x
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For Once a Drop Dead themed outfit without some Bring Me The Horizon lyrics in the title! This time they're from Millstone by Brand New. I felt like the outfit needed something more alt/pop punk than Bring Me. 


  1. I don't understand you at all. Like who even made you? Unreal. A Disney princess in real life 100%...rock and roll Princess!


  2. I wish I could wear leggings... *sad face* I love those ones from Drop Dead! I remember being really hyped for The Simpsons collection and then I didn't even buy anything haha!

    Dannie x