Thursday, 4 February 2016

366 days of 2016, 16-31...

So I've been a little bit quiet recently but I've been pretty busy with life, such as work and sleeping and I've had a dreadful cold plus with moving it means I have to invite people to see the house and I've been working weekends so I guess I've had good reason to be a little absent haha. I have a few exciting posts coming soon I promise, I just need to get a good routine and get through this cold as all it's making me want to do is go to sleep! Here's a 366 update though, I do enjoy writing these posts, I never realise how much I've done in a month till I write these!
16. I baked my dad a birthday cake, and it looked so pretty. 17. Cinnamon Buns are my favourite. 18. Weasley hugs are also my favourite.
19. Weasley forever watches for me when I go out haha. 20. Fave chocolate ever, shame I'm down to my last bar now. 21. I've been back at the gym and I feel so good for it.
22. Weasley LOVES the sink. 23. Tango with my babes for Lewis' birthday was amaze, Review coming soon! 24. New house means new art! Love these Buffy prints from Etsy!
25. I have no photos so here's one from the 23rd my eyeliner looked fab I was proud. 26. Starting to feel good about my body. 27. I finally got a lamp for my spare room.
28. I also finally got myself a PS4 happy pay day to meeeeee. 29. Weasley hates the PS4 as he doesn't get my 100% attention aha. 30. M&S dessert is my favourite. 31. I visited my dad and he made an amaze Sunday lunch, 10/10 will be returning ;) hahaha. 

As if January is over already! It's flown over busiest month ever, and if my plans for the next few go ahead the rest of this year doesn't look like it'll slow down either!

Have you been taking a photo a day? If so please share your links!
K. x
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  1. As always, Weasley looks as adorable as anything! Also that Aero cake you made for your dad looks divine!! :)
    Much love,
    Katiee x

  2. Aw how big is Weasley now! :) I love how he doesn't like it when you are doing other things (reading/playing games) and tries to demand your attention. What a little scamp.

    Dannie x

  3. Love that lamp! Where is it from? We need a new one for our hall! :) xx