Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A Little Bit Western, Wishlist..


I have no idea what it is with me at the moment but I am in love with all things tan, I keep eyeing up new pairs of cowboy boots and then all the denim or white to pair with them. I've always had a bit of a love for 'western' style clothing, I pretty much lived in a pair of cowboy boots when I was 17, they were far too pretty. This wishlist is pretty much how I want to dress in spring, quirky accessories, pretty shirts and flowy dresses.
Starting with shirts, I've never been that arsed about them but recently I can't get enough, the arrow print one is far too pretty, and the cactus print one is something I just need in my life. I imagine these would look super cute, with a denim pinafore and the little fringed boots in this wishlist. Seriously though, how cute are those boots, they're perfect for both casual and slightly dressy its the dream. CACTUS SHORTS, how can you not need these? So so perfect for the summer, I swear my cactus obsession is getting ridiculous because I just want them on everything I own. I love the orange dress but I have no idea how it would look with my hair probably super clashy but oh man it's so pretty and I love the coins around the hem, Ark currently have a closing down discount available too so it's far far far too tempting. The black dress is needed, this one I'd probably wear more, I love how flowy it looks and those sleeves, oh man its the dream, someone please donate £100 so I can own it haha. To complete an outfit though, you need cute accessories right? This Skinny Dip bag is fab, I'm always a huge fan of novelty bags, I do however really need a new everyday bag and this Joules Mayfair bag is the perfect size for just chucking my purse in when popping out, I love how it just simply has the Joules logo on it too.

So yeah not my usual alternative fashion based wishlist, but still it's full of super pretty items that I really really need in my wardrobe. What style are you loving at the moment?
K. x
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*I genuinely love all these items within this post but it was partially sponsored.

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  1. I do love a bit of fringe. I have a fringe suede-look black jacket at home that's dying for an outing... Might have to get on that.