Friday, 26 February 2016

Its Ma Birthday, Wishlist..

birthday list

Lego, Phone Case, Pop Vinyl, TW+TD book, Cactus Pen, Record Player, Bubble Bar, Alice In Wonderland, Battlefront, Tequila, Cactus Shirt

I swear I haven't been 21 long enough for it to be almost my birthday already! No one has actually asked me what I want yet this year which makes a change but still there's a few things I kinda need in my life so I thought I'd compile a little list for inspiration for once they do ask. I am under no illusion that I'll even get half of this but, it's great reference for payday treats right? Haha
What I want more than anything is a record player, recently I've noticed so many bands are releasing vinyls instead of cds which really upsets me since I have no way of playing them if I buy them. I want a suitcase one purely because they look cute and it would be much harder for Weasley to break because hes a little shit and likes to sit on things and climb all over them haha. I'll probably end up buying myself one after my birthday but still haha, the same goes for the Lego. I NEED a Lego Matt Smith however everyone in my fam believes that Lego is for kids so this is definitely something I'll end up getting myself haha.
On to everything else, the more realistic presents haha, first up birthdays mean alcohol right? So this year I need some Patron, the fact is costs a bom for one shot I feel like a bottle would be a fab investment since I can have as much as I want. Plus who doesn't want coffee flavoured Tequila? It's actually the dream. Of course I need to look good while I drink that Tequila and this Cactus print shirt is perfect for that, the fact it's been in 2 wishlists now just proves that I need it, I even had a dream about it the other night haha, Of course I want a few geeky presents, I'm only 2 pop vinyls away from having all the Buffy ones and I'd very much like Angel next. Battlefront was the only reason I bought a PS4, ok that might be a lie but still, I've wanted to play it for ages now but I'm forever poor and £40/£50 for a game is waaaaaay too much however I'll happily accept it as a gift haha.
Everything else I just obvs need because they're all perfect, honestly though I wont be too bothered if I don't get half of this it's just nice to get presents isn't it? Mostly though I'd kinda really like to have just a nice relaxing day and to see my friends. I'd also really like to just eat lots of cake haha.
So there we have it the little list of things I'd very much like for my birthday.

K. x
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  1. What is Patron? I've never heard of it in my life!

    Dannie x