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My Favourite Fictional Couples...

In honor of valentines day I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite fictional couples, the ones I sort of see as relationship goals or just love as a couple. There are so many couples you can think of you've got classic ones like Elizabeth &Mr Darcy, Beatrice &Benedick then you've got modern day couples like Ron &Hermione, Carrie &Mr Big and then some of my all time favourites like Mortice &Gomez and Marshall &Lily. I had such a long list of couples I love when I was planning this post it actually took me forever to narrow down my favourites.
What I love about the couples that have made my final list is how different they all are. Each of their relationships are different and the characters themselves are far apart. I honestly feel like I've put far too much thought into these fictional relationships and I've most definitely emotionally invested myself in half of them far too much. So here are my favourite fictional relationships;

Source; Tumblr.
Spike &Buffy
We all know by now I love Buffy ridiculous amounts and that Spuffy is my favourite OTP, the reason I love them is how easily their emotions toward each other change. Really they're never fully declared as in actual relationship but still the amount of kissing they do, sneaking into bed together and the feels they give you say other wise. Spike was a definite love interest for Buffy and far superior to Angel and Riley, where Buffy loved both of them she mostly used Spike, and he knew it. Their relationship is one of my favourites because they deny that they care for each other, they play games they hate each other yet they can't keep away from each other and the chemistry they have is amazing. The final episode forever breaks my heart when Buffy says she loves him, because he doesn't believe it and that's when she realises she does. Their relationship is complicated and has so many issues but it's still my all time favourite.

Source; Tumblr.
Amy &Rory
I never thought I'd get emotionally invested in Doctor Who like ever, I mean I was sad and teared up a bit with Rose and Ten but I never thought I'd spend several episodes crying then Amy and Rory turn up. Their relationship was beautiful, I'm actually embarrassed at how many times I cried over them, they were so perfect together, the fact he never left her because she was travelling with a man in a box, he joined them instead, the way they looked at each other. The fact Rory guarded the Pandorica for 2000 years, the fact that he doesn't give up trying to find Amy / save her in the Girl Who Waited. Oh man The Girl Who Waited was the first episode I cried at, it broke my heart that Amy had aged and resented Rory cause she thought he'd left her but he hadn't and she still loved him but he was there to save younger Amy and had to choose and oh man they just broke my heart. Don't even talk to me about Angels Take Manhattan. Seriously this fictional couple is just far too perfect, sure they have problems but the amount they love each other is forever evident and ugh it's perfect.

Source; Tumblr.
Chuck &Blair
This is one fucked up relationship but if you've watched Gossip Girl you'll love it more than any other in the show. Chcuk and Blair are thee most frustrating couple I have ever seen in any show, at first I didn't want them together and thought Blair was a bitch and Chuck was a massive knob. But then you see how they're actually perfect together, they're both scheming and although they act like they hate each other and don't want to you know more than anything they want to rip each others clothes off. And when they finally do it you feel as much relief and happiness and they do because they are so perfect. Even when they're in relationships with other people you need them to get together because you know that it's more than just sex and my passion for Chuck and Blair together knows no bounds. They are ultimate relationship goals, the fact it starts off a game and just pure lust and then turns into what it does is just ugh seriously all the feels ever.

Source; Image Comics
Rick &Andrea
This is probably a lesser known couple in fiction, I mean nearly everyone has heard of the others on this list but unless you've read The Walking Dead you probably don't even know who Rick and Andrea are haha. Originally I wanted Rick and Michonne together like so bad, I was full on shipping it, legit like messaging one of my friends like 'Rick &Michonne have to happen they're perfect it needs to' to which my friend laughed at me I wondered why then read some more and oh hello Rick and Andrea all over each other you little sluts what are you doing?! Dale has barely been in the ground Andrea why, and then she says it 'Because we don't die Rick' and at that point I knew it was perfect and I loved it. Compared to the other couples in my list these two are ridiculously strong characters apart, together although still strong it shows a weakness in them both and I love that. I love how much they've been through together, how many other relationships have died in front of them they still have a bit of hope and it's cute and I love it. And it upsets me so bad that they didn't let this happen in the show and I swear to god if anything happens to this relationship I will be fuming. Rick and Andrea are perfect together, they make such a good team and if I had to live anywhere in the world of TWD it would definitely be Alexandria with these two ruling haha.

So there we have it 4 of my favourite fictional relationships, I hope I didn't go on too much haha. I could have gone on for days about other favourites but I didn't want to bore anyone. I could have also stuck with really obvious ones like mentioned at the start but we all know Elizabeth &Mr Darcy are perfect because of how stubborn they are about their feelings and we all know Carrie &Mr Big are perfect because no matter what he's always there he's always the one at the end of it.  Fictional relationships will forever give me high expectations and false hope for any of my future ones but I'm ok with that because I can always just open up a book or chuck on a show and get lost in my favourite ones.
Who are your favourite fictional relationships? 
K. x
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  1. Spuffy 4 eva.

    Also Jess and Rory from Gilmore Girls, Cole and Phoebe from Charmed, Ted and Tracy from How I Met Your Mother and Cat and Frankie from Lip Service.


  2. I love Amy and Rory! They were an amazing couple! I will always have a soft spot for Hanna and Caleb from Pretty Little Liars!
    Shona x