Wednesday, 2 March 2016

366 days of 2016, 32-60...

So February just went by without me even noticing it! How is it March already?! How did I miss an entire month of my 366 posts? Okay, to be fair I have been super lagging on the blog front and I apologise for that, if I'm honest with you I've been in a bit of a mental rut. All I feel like doing is sleeping, yet all I do is lie on the couch, over think and read. However I'm feeling a little bit more like myself and have some inspiration and motivation so hopefully it'll stick around for a while, I can get out of this rut and start blogging regularly again. Theres a full month load of photos in this post so it's a little photo heavy, so I do apologise however February was a super busy month so it's kinda exciting!
 32. Weasley doesn't like not getting all my attention since I got a PS4. 33. Lush's Big Blue is my new favourite. 34. I got some sweet treats from the guys at Punk Paws/Sam outfit post to come!
 35. Papa Johns and The Last of Us is the perfect night in. 36. I got tattoo number 10! 37. Nick came to stay and it was fab.
 38. Lazy days are fab. 39. Weasley is too cute. 40. Pancake day calls for all the syrup and bacon.
 41. Weasley pretty much lives in the sink these days. 42. Blog mail is my favourite. 43. Twilight is such a nice bathbomb.
 44. I went to see Deadpool with Brandon &it was AMAZING. 45. I got a new mug and it's adorable. 46. I went out for a meal with work and had the yummiest spaghetti carbonara ever.
 47. Weasley is now ruler of the Deathstar. 48. I love it when the sky is bright blue and the moon's still out. 49. How cute is Living in La La Land packaging?!
 50. Weekends away mean a shit ton off coffee while waiting for trains. 51. Can't go to the cinema without getting an iceblast. 52. Another new mug.
 53. Such a sleepy little baby. 54. I made burritos/oven baked chimchangas with sweet potato fries. 55. Bubble baths are the best.
 56. Cornflake cake and custard is amaze. 57. Payday means new things which means beautiful Cactus shirts. 58. My sisters came to stay for a sleepover and we had far too much food and played on the playstation waaaaay past bedtime.
59. I finally hung my Living in La La Land prints up. 60. Another meal with everyone from work, this time I had the best toffee sundae ever. So good. 

So I wasn't lying February was super busy for me haha, so much food and so much stuff was done. I didn't think I could pack so much into one month but I did, and March is going to be even more hectic! Only 2 days in and I've already got plans for every weekend this month and tons planned for week nights! No rest for the wicked ey?

How've you been spending your 2016? I'd love to see what you've been up to recently!
K. x
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  1. How do you remember to take a picture everyday? I would forget. You should do a blog post about your favourite lush bath bombs because your baths always look amazing.

    Dannie x

  2. I'm not quite sure where February went either, if it wasn't for my 365 project, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to say anything about it haha!

    I hope March is a better month for you! Sometimes, it's good to step away from the internet and read, I've been reading loads since the beginning of the year and it's great!

    I love the new tattoo! So much cute Weasley-ness!

    ~ K