Sunday, 20 March 2016

366 days of 2016, 61-80...

Thought I'd kick start getting back into lblogging with an updated 366 photos post! I'm sure you're all super eager to see what I've been doing while I've not been updating the blog! Well an awful lot of nothing yet something really. I mean March is forever my busiest month, I have a tons of birthdays to celebrate including my own, so I'm always doing something in March. I think this is probably my most exciting 366 post of the year so far aha, I have to say though the past few weeks have had some really amazing days which has been super nice. Instead of rambling though I'm just going to get on with it haha.
 61. My hair is getting more and more gingery and I love it. 62. Wednesdays mean new comics. 63. Taking blog photos for a lush themed post, my collection is starting to get a bit big haha.  
 64. It was Nick's 30th and the week before my 22nd so we arranged a night out and our friend Chris got to come up and it was super nice to see him. The 3 of us haven't been together since uni finished and it was like a little reunion kinda really didn't want the weekend to end cause it was so amaze. Although the Friday night did end up with me feeling like I was dying and only getting 2 hours sleep haha. Shots are no ones friend. 65. Hungover Saturdays are best spent building Lego. 66. Hangovers kinda hinder Lego building but it was done by Sunday and look how pretty it is! Lego Matt Smith is my life.
 67. Sleepy Weasley. 68. Red Velvet Cupcakes make it all better.  69. Swear down all he does is sleep.  70. Shameless posing in Punk Paws, did you catch my post on this awesome shirt?
71. I'm 22! I had an odd birthday, certain people forgot about it which made me feel really shitty and a bit worthless as I thought they cared about me. Other people were just massive dicks and I was in a bit of a bad mood for most of the day. Buuut I did get Patron off my friends which tastes amaze and is a coffee tequila liquor thing. I also got to go to TGI friends with my best friends and got many free cocktails and had to wear a silly balloon hat. The middle photo is me being 'Lana Del Ray / Pretty' Because being drunk means you're willing to do silly things. I ate so much and drank so much though I couldn't fasten my jeans but that was fine. I also got to be DJ in the car which is always fun cause drunk me always plays Knife Party and no one bar Lewis ever enjoys it so it's forever fun. 

 72. I spent Saturday night at my uncles in Ponteland where we popped for a few drinks. 73. Sunday I got to catch up with Michael which is always nice, we went to the Quayside market and the Botanist I'll have a post all about it soon. 74. Bubble baths from lush are my life.  
 75. I got a new Cactus for my birthday from Annabel, it's a Cat-cus which is kinda cute/funny. 76. Weasley got a Strawberry bed and looks so funny in it. 77. Spike &Buffy finally kissed and admitted their love for each other and I was far too happy.
78. Weasley doesn't appreciate being ignored so I can read Buffy. 79. I popped to Middlesbrough and got to catch up with Jonno &Mitch I miss both ridiculous amounts finishing uni means you never see anyone since you all move away so coffee and a good gossip was needed. 80. Today is being spent playing with my new record player and blogging obviously. 

So we're all up to date, like it's weird writing this post and publishing it the day the last photo has been took haha. I think this is the most up to date my blog has ever been on my life to be honest! Haha. 

What have you been up to?  
K. x
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  1. It looks like you had an exciting March! I wish a belated happy birthday. I hope you had a nice and special celebration. ❤︎

  2. The middle picture in 72 is my favourite picture of you ever! You look so cute!!

    Dannie x