Monday, 14 March 2016

A Bit Of Honesty.

I originally planned to write a short post apologising for my absence on here recently but it's turned into a bit of a personal not rant but a sort of I don't know like a long ass post to let things out? If that makes sense. I won't lie I sat and looked at this blank page for a good few hours before I even started typing, I had so many blog ideas and knew what I wanted to say but I just couldn't start writing it which has been an issue for weeks now. I've felt inspired to blog, I have hundreds of photos waiting to be edited and posts planned to be written I'm just lacking so much motivation at first I felt like it was because I was being bugged to write certain posts from people. Like seriously people who aren't even offering me any compensation for writing a post were bugging me pretty much constantly about when I was going to write something, which made sort of not want to blog in case they saw and then questioned why I hadn't done what they wanted which kinda sounds pathetic but w/e.

Anyway I've realised that I'm just really lacking motivation for everything in my life. All I want to do when I'm at home is sleep or watch TV, to be honest though I don't really take in what I watch it's the same when I read because my mind is always somewhere else. I've done so much overthinking recently it's not even normal, just thinking about things people have said to me and over analysing them, thinking of hurtful things people have said and then questioning everything else they've ever said to me. It's ridiculous I know I shouldn't dwell on these things but I do and it makes me not what to do anything it makes me just want to read or watch TV or sleep. I must sound ridiculous or pathetic. But living alone and spending 90% of my time alone means that I do this far too regularly and I've got to get myself out of this little mental rut and start blogging again. I feel so much better when I blog and so much more motivated to do everything in my life.

This is why I've been absent I've been picking myself apart over thinking and sleeping, I haven't been doing anything exciting and I apologise for my absence and the fact it doesn't mean I'm going to have anything exciting to write about like holidays or fun days out haha. I don't really understand why I've shared this but I guess you all deserve an explanation, I'm hoping to get back to blogging this week and start sharing my life and a look into my new home, I guess I let being lonely and an over-thinker get to me and that wasn't my best idea as it means my little blog has suffered a long with other things I guess. But hopefully since I've wrote it all done, been honest and got it out I can get past it and stop feeling how I do and start producing actually readable content. The stuff I've posted lately has lacked and I am super sorry for that but thank you for hanging about while my blog has been a bit odd.

Sorry for the honest and rambley post but I kinda feel better and it's the start of blogging regularly again I guess!


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  1. Bless you! You know I'm always here for a natter :) honestly, don't worry about your blog - concentrate on YOU!!! :) we'll still be here for you.

    Love u loads <3

    Dannie x