Thursday, 31 March 2016

Introducing Ocean GB*

I'm forever searching etsy for pretty things, I mean it's a wormhole for pretty things you look at one and then next thing you know it's 3 hours late and you've mentally added stuff from 438473 shops to your basket haha. Recently I've seen a ridiculous amount of people talking about sea glass and collecting it, like I swear everyone and their mam is doing it! OceanGB is a new etsy store hand making the prettiest of jewels using sea glass.

The store started as a hobby of collecting beautiful glass and stones from beaches around the North East of England which has since spawned a small business, as the owner found they had hundreds of stones and wasn't quite sure what to do with them. No two pieces are the same, as each stone is shaped differently due to the way the sea has naturally worn them down. The store is regularly adding new pieces but it does currently have some beautiful items. The rings are my favourite, they're so well priced too, the ones pictured above are just so perfect. I love how different they look in different lights and at different angles, that's what makes sea glass so unique as the pieces look different when you move. 

Not only do they offer ready made rings and necklaces but will also make custom ones if you get in touch with the type of gems you are looking for, they have tons of colours including rare ones and all kinds of shapes so you can probably get anything you want! Take a look at the store and make your own mind up but you can't deny seaglass is super pretty and would look good on your fingers!

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