Tuesday, 29 March 2016

My Favourite Lush Products

A few weeks ago Danni of Famous In Japan (possibly a month or so) mentioned the fact I should maybe do a lush related post since I'm always haring photos of my bath. I'd considered this but didn't think people would be interested since there's always Lush related posts going about, I mean everyone is forever reviewing one of their bath bombs right? I'd have just done some straight up reviews of products but to be honest, I never really know what to write in beauty reviews I'm just like eh I really like this because it's so pretty and the colour is nice and it feels nice. Not very helpful haha. So I've decided to do a round up of my favourite products, lord knows I've tired a ridiculous amount of lush and have a good amount of the store in my bathroom haha. I apologise in advance because I know two of the products are limited to certain times of the year, so you might not be able to find them although I'm sure everyone knows the Snow Fairy release is forever anticipated when it gets to Christmas time haha.

Cup O' Coffee this was a product I was super excited to try, I'd heard nothing but good things about it so when I spotted it in store I picked it up immediately. First up I was super sad cause it didn't smell proper strongly of coffee but slightly and it was a weird smell to describe but omg my skin. It felt unreal so soft and smooth and it cleared up pretty much straight away. Definitely would recommend it for anyone whos skin is feeling the effects of stress.

Twilight Bath Bomb this is such a beautiful bomb, I bought initially it on a whim and since bought two a month. I thought it would just be pink but it explodes with a blue centre and it's just so pretty. It smells pretty good too, with Lavender and Tonka its perfect for those days where you're exhausted and need a good sleep. I struggle with sleep and a bath with these and fresh pjs always means I have a good 5 hours.

Floating Island Melt all you need to know about this is that it makes your skin feel amazing. I love using it before a night out so I have super smooth shiny legs. So so perfect, plus it smells pretty dece.

The Comforter Shower Cream the comforter is one of my favourite bubble bars so as soon as it was turned into a shower product I had to have it. I love the strong berry smell and it just makes you feel comforted and content, the scent lasts forever too so it's brilliant.

Refresher Shower Jelly this is one of the weirdest products ever, I love that it's a solid shower gel. Lather it up, and it smells like refresher bars lemony and filled with zing. I think my favourite thing about it is how refreshing it is especially first thing on a morning before work. Also the fact is is solid means I'm using barely any of it compared with normal shower gels.

Intergalactic Bath Bomb I swear this is the prettiest bath bomb in the world, I love how it fizzes and has pinks, blues, yellows and then all the glitter. It really is like a night sky, if I'm feeling sad this is the one I use because it makes me feel so much better because it's so pretty. If you like pretty baths look no further than this honestly. It also makes your skin feel soft which is always plus.

Ultraviolet Bubble Bar why wouldn't you want to smell like parma violets? Ultraviolet was one I eagerly awaited returning this Easter after buying ridiculous amounts last year. Oh yeah in case you didn't know this one is limited and I'd guess you have about 2 weeks left to pick it up. Which you must if you want to bathe in the bubbliest of purple baths smelling like sweets.

Big Bang Bubble Bar this one is brilliant paired with intergalactic, it smells sooooo good it doesn't however produce as many bubbles as other bubblebars sadly but it does smell super good and turn the bath such a nice blue.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel sadly Snow Fairy is only available around Christmas so it's no longer available but since nearly every blogger and their mam loves it I'm sure you'll have tried it or at least smelt it. Snow Fairy was the first product I ever tried from Lush when I was about 13, I remember getting a small bottle and now wanting to use it because it smelt so good. I remember searching high and low for it when I'd ran out to no avail, then I forgot about it until a couple of years back when the familiar smell brought it back and I bought far too many bottles. It's candy floss scent is one you can't resist and it's perfect for any time of year, I just absolutely love it and thank god they make the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar so I can get my candy floss bubble bath fix all year round!

Are you a fan of lush? What are your favourite products?
K. x
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  1. They all look so amazing! Especially though the intergalactic bath bomb :)

    Lotte | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I love Snow Fairy, the Comforter, Ultraviolet, Father Christmas, Shoot for the Stars, Dragon Egg... I have yet to try their face mask but I really want to try the Coffee mask as an all over body mask to tighten things up and make me a super babe haha.
    Thanks for doing this post!! <3

    Dannie x

  3. The Twilight bath bomb sounds like one I need to try. My favourite product is the Brightside Bubble bar, it smells so good. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming