Thursday, 24 March 2016

My Top Tips For Bank Holiday Parties...*

With Bank Holiday weekend coming up pretty much everyone I know is getting ready to throw a party, I love how for us Brits bank holidays are the perfect excuse to get ridiculously drunk. I've been to my fair share of parties, I mean when you're at uni it's kinda hard to miss a party, because of this I thought I'd share some of my party wisdom. I personally didn't throw that many parties or predrinks but that's purely because I'm far too lazy to clean up the next day and well other peoples houses were waaaaay closer to clubs than mine was haha, however here are a dew things I've learnt over the years. Hopefully these will make planning your Bank Holiday weekend easier!

Mixer. The amount of times I've gone to a party and forgotten to bring mixer with me is ridiculous, and as much as I wish I could I cannot drink spirits straight. I know this happens to a lot of people so being prepared and having mixer available for your guests is always a good idea. If you're feeling generous you can always make cocktails too, I've been to a few where cocktails have been on offer and it is fab. Shots are forever a winner too, I'd personally recommend getting some Patron in, it's a little expensive but 100% worth it quite possibly the nicest thing ever. 

You neeeeeeed party games almost as much as you do music. If people don't know each other games are a great way to relax everyone and break the ice although I wouldn't recommend Never Have I Ever or Cards Against Humanity until everyone's a little drunk haha. Ring Of Fire on the other hand is always a great starting point. 

Now music makes or breaks a party, there's nothing worse than turning up at someones house and them having no music playing or worse having a super poor quality music system. Personally I think Wireless speakers are the future for parties, you can easily transport them and having no wires attached to it makes it so much easier for you to put it somewhere safe out of harms way haha. Wireless speakers are also ideal for bank holidays since most happen during the warmer months so you can play your music outside without any hassle! Panasonic Wireless Speakers are a great option for this, these use bluetooth to play music which is brilliant since it means everyone can have a go at djing the party keeping everyone happy! 

You neeeeeeeeed snacks at a party, I remember in second year we always had food when we had parties and people loved it. When you've had quite a bit to drink there's nothing better than having crisps or mini sausage rolls there to soak it up. Or if it's warm weather throw a BBQ party, and have all the food ever!

So there are a few of my tips for throwing a great party, trust me you need a good music system and food so bad. They definitely make or break a party for me! 

Do you plan on throwing a bank holiday party?
K. x
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