Monday, 7 March 2016

Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone With Luxemme

This post is way over due and I first up apologise for that, however I've been super busy and the item needed altering. When Luxemme got in touch asking if I'd like to try an item from their site, after browsing I couldn't resist saying yes. Originally I was going to pick something black or a dress but decided for once to leave my comfort zone. I went for the Oceane Luxe Halterneck Playsuit. I picked something that I wouldn't normally wear, light coloured, chambray sort of material and really high cut shorts.
When the item arrived I was a little worried I was a bit like oh shit its so light and so short, I have major issue with my thighs so was worried about how it would look. But the material is cut in a way that kinda flatters them and makes my legs look hell of a lot longer than they are. The only issue I've actually had with the item is that it was actually way too big, I think if you order from the site maybe sizing down would be a good idea, especially if you're between sizes.
The item itself is perfect for warm summer days and is easily transitional from day to night, the material is no where near as light as I expected either, its kind of a thick chambray type material meaning its perfect since summer evenings are fairly cool. I love how the waist is defined in the item, the cut is definitely a good one, even though I had it taken in, I kept it to the original shape.  I really liked how quick the postage of the item was and the prices on site are pretty decent, I'd definitely recommend them for finding an outfit for a night out. I never thought I'd own something like this and feel confident in it but I do thanks to Luxemme and I'm super happy I went out of my comfort zone hopefully it'll inspire me to do so more often.

Check them out honestly they have some lush items, there's a few black playsuits I have my eye on haha. 

K. x
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*Thank you Luxemme for sending the item, I apologise for the posts lateness. All the opinions etc in this post are my own I was gifted the item in return for a post but everything is my truthful opinion. 

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  1. I really like how simple this is, so you can dress it up or down with jewellery or a leather jacket etc :O :D

    Dannie x