Sunday, 24 April 2016

366 days of 2016, 81-115...

It appears that I've once again been absent for a short while on here, trust me it is not an intentional thing just you know sometimes life gets in the way and stuff. However I am here to give you all a nice little update on how my life is going with another 366 post! It's fairly photo heavy since it's like a whole months worth of photos but yano there's a lot of Weasley in here so I'm sure you'll love it. I'm still kinda feeling super unispired and motivated I won't lie so I've spent 90% of my time reading, I'll probably do a collective review post but until then if you're curious about what I've read recently you can find me on GoodReads. Anyway here's what's been consuming my life these past few weeks..

 81. Weasley get jealous when I don't give him my full attention. 82. This is becoming my most regularly eaten meal 'cause I'm such an adult haha. 83. Such a sleepy little kitty.
 84. I got cute new pjs and I love them. 85. I also got new bedding, how amazing is this? Cat Mermaids.. Purrmaids! Belated Birthday gifts are fab. 86. Easter meant cute cupcakes at work.
 87. Intergalactic is my favourite bathbomb ever. 88. Wandering about town isn't so bad sometimes. 89. Kitty cuddles are my favourite.
 90. I got to see Trivium and they were fab. 91. I finally own a physical copy of Buffy Season 8 #40 and it makes me far too happy. 92. Having to pick up parcels means I have to go past this cute bakery and it forever smells unreal, I loved the Easter decorations.
 93. I guess where I live looks nice on sunny days. 94. Red Velvet is best. 95. Forever looking like he's up to no good.
 96. Dippy eggs are the best for dinner. 97. New Starbucks cups are the prettiest ever. 98. Weasley is a little shit who is obsessed with my record player and won't stop swiping it *sighing face emoji*.
 99. I went for cocktails with the girls and it was the best ever, I love having catch ups and cocktails. 100. This is the best shower/bath stuff ever, it smells so good my mouth waters haha. 101. I only go to Pizza Hut for Icecream Factory and I have no shame in admitting that.  
 102. Kinder Eggs in the bath are quite possibly the way forward. 103. Weasley is such a funny cat I love how he sits haha. 104. More childrens food for tea, even using potato letters to spell out what I need in life ha. 
 105. Look at that face how can you not love him? Haha. 106. I haven't got anything for Friday cause I was grumpy and tired so have my dessert from Saturday. Chocolate Brownie, with salted caramel and a shortbread base. 107. It was Eleanor's birthday so we went out for tea and it was pretty cute.
 108. Reading comics in bed is the only way to start a lazy Sunday. 109. The gym is my new home I swear. 110. I've started going for runs/walks when it's nice I do rather like where I live.
 111. Starting new books makes me happy. 112. Star Wars finally arrived. 113. Nights out are more fun when you put zero effort in and wear flats cause it means you can walk easily.
114. Tried my first Five Guys and it was kinda worth it but not really cause it's hella expensive. 115. Having to rearrange my shelves to fit new Lego on is becoming a little bit of a habit. 

What have you been up to recently? Leave some links to new things for me to read?
K. x
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  1. So much cuteness in this post oh my gosh, Weasley is ADORABLE <3 I love all your Star Wars pops too, and that bedding is amazing! Love your blog girl xx