Wednesday, 13 April 2016

New House Tour! // The Spare Room

I thought it was finally time I shared some snaps of my new house with you all. It's technically no longer that new since I've been here since January but you know what I mean haha. I thought I'd start off with the least exciting room in the house, but one of my favourites. When looking at new houses I really wanted a spare room, I had so many ideas for it after hours on pinterest. Originally I planned on getting a desk and a spare bed and turning it into a little work room and bedroom for guest/my sisters. However after buying a dining table I was like 'eh I don't really need a desk cause I can just sit at this table' I also decided it would be better to have like a dressing room, I love how less cluttered my bedroom feels without tons of furniture.
Instead of a bed I got a sofa futon thing and it's the comfiest ever, I also love how little room it takes up compared to what a bed would. Having the space means I can take all the blog outfit photos I want haha. I just really like how simple the room is if I'm honest, I have a ton of clothes and shoes so it's nice to have a room completely dedicated to those and my hair products haha. There isn't much to say about this room really but I wanted to share it because I really like how it turned out and you get some Weasley too haha.
I'm going to share the rest of my house over the next few weeks I promise the other rooms are more exciting than this one especially the dining room, I cannot wait to share that one! So yeah that's my spare room, mostly from ikea, mostly clothes but still I like it and feel fairly happy when I go in there and I'm like wow a whole room for my clothes haha.

Do you have a spare room? If so what have you done with it?
K. x
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  1. The room looks lovely :) I wish I had a spare room for my clothes etc, keeping everything in our bedroom can get a bit crammed and often looks untidy! xx

  2. What a lovely room and its massive! Can't wait to see the rest of your house!