Friday, 29 April 2016

Tango Durham..

Way back in January for a friends' birthday we decided to head to his favourite burger place, we'd heard legendary things from everyone who'd been including him so I was sure it was probably going to be a little bit too good to be true haha. Tango is in Durham city centre on the Elvet Bridge, I had planned on using my camera for photos but the place has super low lighting and I was too excited to eat so couldn't be bothered with my actual camera so photos are poor iphone quality haha.
For me the best part of the meal was the sharing nachos, these were absolutely unreal, gooey cheese and plenty of chili on top what more could you actually want? I'm not gonna lie I could have eaten them all myself. For my main course I went for one of the standard chicken burgers, I wasn't that blown away by it however the sweet potato fries were some of the best I've ever had! Everyone else got beef burgers which looked pretty impressive and they wolfed them down fairly quick so I'm sure they were as amazing as I'd heard. Lewis got steak which looked really good, I've never really eaten steak but this one made me really wanna try it, steaks come with optional bibs too which is fab, we all go one aha.
Of course the best part of any meal is dessert, as soon as I saw gingerbread cheesecake on the menu there wasn't a single doubt in what I was getting. We all know how much I love cheesecake by now right? Haha, this was amazing, so creamy and perfect and I almost cried because I couldn't finish it. Seriously don't drink a ton of white Russians, eat a load of nachos and a burger and still expect to finish glorious cheesecake because it just won't happen and you'll be sad. Trust me. Speaking of White Russians they were one of the best I've had, seriously it's my favourite cocktail ever and nothing makes me sadder than a shitty white Russian or when people think it's with lemonade not milk and make you that just nope.
Anyway Tango is my new favourite place to eat in Durham and I probably think about it weekly it was that good haha. If you're in Durham you really need to try it because it is definitely worth the hype.

Have you tried Tango in Durham?
K. x
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  1. Oh my giddy aunt, this place looks flipping amazing! THEM NACHOS THO! Jeez I need to visit here ASAP!