Friday, 15 April 2016

You Can Wear The Crown, But You're No Princess.. //OOTD

I've recently been really hating how I look, feeling pure grim and everything no matter I was in, that was until this skirt arrived. I'd been eyeing this skirt up on Boohoo before Christmas considering for my Graduation ball but it was out of stock in my size and I never saw it again until it popped up on depop the other week with tags still on it! Without a second thought I'd bought it and was waiting for the perfect chance to wear it. Luckily I had a cocktail night planned with the girls and it was perfect for that. I felt like such a girl, like obviously I'm a girl but like a real girl, like a girly girl haha. I never wear flouncy skirts or dresses and I loved it. I actually felt pretty for once and that's real new for me and I never wanted to stop wearing it to be honest haha.
I love how simple the outfit is, I love outfits where you don't need to wear accessories or anything and this is one of them. A simple necklace and it's finished off. I love how swishy the skirt is and I just I really want to live in it, I'm not sure if you can tell or not? Haha. The top is actually a dress but it worked so well since it didn't come untucked or anything like a top might. I felt off shoulders gave it a sort of classic look? If you get what I mean, especially with simple black heels. To top the outfit off would of course be a perfect quirky clutch bag like this little beauty from Newlook. Novelty bags are my favourite things and I just love this one but I rarely get chance to use it.
I've been really excited about sharing this outfit since I wore it, it really gave me vibes of Carrie Bradshaw in the American Girl In Paris episode, you know where she has that super pretty tulle skirt and she's all sad about the Russian guy and then she bumps into Mr Big yeah I felt like Carrie in that episode haha.
Anyway there you go an outfit post where I really like how I look and what I'm wearing and feel really happy with the photos for a change haha. I just really want another excuse to wear this outfit someone invite me somewhere fancy! Ha. Also in case you didn't notice I've also changed up my hair a little, it's a lot darker and it's like a purpley red and I'm super happy with it 'cause it works so much better with my roots and I no longer need to bleach my hair! YEY!

Top (dress) Boohoo
Skirt Boohoo via Depop
Shoes ASOS 
Necklace H&M 
Bag Newlook

Do you have any outfits that make you feel like this?
K. x
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Post title is of course even more Fall Out Boy lyrics, this time from Death Valley.