Thursday, 26 May 2016

I Have A Bit Of A Book Problem...

Hello my name is Kloe and I have a book addiction..  
Recently while trying to decide what to read I realised I have the most ridiculous pile of books to start reading or to finish reading. I'm one of these people who buys a book and gets super excited starts reading it then leaves it when I find another exciting one. I hate myself for it. I counted my books to see how ridiculous my book addiction is and including cookbook I have 310 paperback/hardback books.. on top of this I have about 200 comic books and god knows how many on my kindle this kind of disgusts me 'cause I keep buying them when I haven't even finished the ones I've got! Sooo I've set myself a reading challenge, I re-downloaded the good reads app and have set myself 52 books for this year in the hopes it will inspire me to finish this pile above. Some of these books have sat on my shelves for years half read others not even started I'm terrible.

My list is sort of split into two, I have so many half read ones or ones where I've decided I'm going to re-read then never finished re-reading, I'm absolutely terrible. Then of course I have so many I haven't even opened! I guess I sort of have a favourite genre, I love a good bit of horror or cult classics I guess you could class them as?

Among my to be finished/reread pile I have classics such as Lolita, Clockwork Orange and American Psycho I read all of them years ago and loved them so but re-reading them is being more of a challenge than the first time around oddly. There's a special pile dedicated to ones recommended by so many people where I start reading them and just give up, here we have 1984, The Wasp Factory, The Book Thief and The Night Circus. I have reasons for not finishing these, 1984 I put down to read The Walking Dead (so so worth it), I'm not a fan of the way The Wasp Factory is written the narrative style just wasn't for me. The other two? Well I bought the Book Thief when I was about 14 and I got half way through and just felt bored, I have yet to even finish it, The Night Circus was the same, I got about 50 pages in and got bored. Of course there's more on this list, Eragon is something I tried to enjoy when I was about 14 and I hated it but so many people have told me to give it another go so I'm gonna give it 50 pages and if I still don't like it I'll never go back.

Most of my 'I haven't even opened you and you've been sat on my shelves for at least 2 months' books are ones that I've bought when Waterstones have had deals on. There's quite a few Chuck Palahniuk's in there and that's because I absolutely love nearly all of his books that I've read so of course it's my aim to read pretty much everything he's written. There's a few comic trades in this list that I've meaning to read for a while now, I've heard nothing but good things about Saga and Fade Out, and I'm so excited about Phonogram.

I'm hoping by setting myself a good reads challenge I'll make it through my list however thanks to Dannie (Famous In Japan) I keep buying new books for my kindle! If I stop reading her reviews I might just make it through these before the end of the year haha. If you have good reads you can add me and see how I'm doing/what I think of books of course I'm always excited to see what others are reading and loving!

Have you got a massive to be read pile or never finish a book? Or have you read any on my list?

K. x
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  1. How addictive is GoodReads, though? It makes me want to read more!
    Try to persevere with The Book Thief, it's a sweet book! :)

    Dannie x