Monday, 16 May 2016

Let's Talk Driving..*

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Do you ever just sit and hate yourself for not doing something earlier in your life? This is how I feel about driving. Back when I turned 17 I was so excited to learn to drive, I couldn't wait to pass my test and get a car, I however didn't start lessons until I was 18, to me as much as I wanted the freedom the lessons were boring they cut into my time alone and between college work and trying to balance a life they were a bit of an annoyance. I did however reach the stage of sitting my test and failed, this prompted me to do more hours and re do my test once again I failed. This was my second year in uni, and it just made me lose all motivation, I didn't see the point in passing my test I lived within walking distance of uni, the car I'd got to learn in wasn't what I wanted and I sold it to help with bills and food at uni. Now however, I wish I could go back and slap past me and be like 'don't be a little bitch, just pass your test already!'

Not being able to drive hasn't been something that's held me back in life per say but it does make going places a little awkward and has made a difference in the types of jobs I've been able to apply for. It is on my 101 things in 1001 days list though, I'm determined to pass my test this year, before Christmas I'm 100% determined on that. In my determination I've been weighing up all my options, there are so many different companies out there I've been comparing to find my best option. For slightly lower rates it seems the best idea is to go with a private company you know like just someone you went to school with dad who's doing driving lessons on the side of his normal job you know the one man sort of businesses. My other option and the one I'm most likely to take is to go with a bigger company like PassnGo, going with a bigger company means I can book block sessions for a cheaper price which is always a massive plus. But it also means I can do an intensive course, these are fairly pricey but for someone like me who wants to get all the lessons and the test out of the way and just be able to drive they're perfect, plus they including sitting your actual driving test which is a massive plus because that's not cheap.

I'm fairly nervous about learning to drive again, which is why I choose that Bobs Burgers Gif, I feel exactly like Tina when I think about it (watch the clip). I mean it's not as if I've forgotten how to do it, I got behind the wheel not that long ago and it felt sort of natural I guess I'm just worried about failing again which makes me super nervous. Hopefully though with my new found determination and the comparison of my options will mean I can finally succeed and be able to drive to the shops instead of walking back struggling massively with all the bags haha. I'm sure an intensive course is just what I need though, it'll mean a week off work but I can deal with that if it means I can finally drive.

Have you passed your test? How long did it take you? If not do you think you ever will? 
K. x
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  1. I lived in a little village when I was younger that only had two buses pass through it a day so learning to drive when I turned 17 was a must do. My mum forced me into it as I was absolutely terrified and after 9 months of two hour lessons a week and 2 failed driving tests I finally passed. 7 years later and I have no regrets, it's one of the best things I've ever done, albeit one of the hardest too! I hope everything goes well for you!


  2. I didn't pass my test until I was 26 and I was a lot happier waiting that long. I failed my first time too but since having a car it's been great for taking the girls for days out or even something as stupid as doing the weekly shopping has been so much easier. Plus I get to sneak in a Mcdonald's every now and then :P It's a godsend and once you pass you'll be so thankfull for your new sense of freedom

    Rhiannon - Pastel Daydreams

  3. I started to learn when I was 19 and pasted when I was 21, I was leaving Uni so the timing was perfect really. I've now been driving 6 years and I couldn't imagine not having that freedom to just pop out for a drive. Good luck! =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  4. I started learning when I was 18, but then a friend died horribly in an accident and it scared me out of continuing. Now I'm 24 and the stress of learning to drive actually gives me hallucinations and such severe anxiety that I hyperventilate, panic and cry constantly. The longer I go, the more I talk myself out of it. :/ I massively sympathise.

  5. I didn't learn to drive til I was 30, and I definitely didn't pass on my first go,... or my second,.. or......
    well, anyway - I'm sure you'll be just fine! :p