Sunday, 12 June 2016

366 days of 2016, 116-164...

This post is disgutingly photo heavy since I'm an absolute joke who keeps forgetting to share her photos regularly so this is a 6 week look into what I've actually been while I've been a little bit absent from social media. I didn't actually think I did much more than listen to records and read buuut apparently I also eat a LOT of food, take photos of Weasley and go for quite a few walks haha. 
 116. I finally used my Lush LoverLamp bomb.  117. White hot chocolate with ALL the whipped cream is the best. 118. Dinosaur socks make work better.
 119. I finally got my Aiden records and they make me feel 13 again. 120. I've been enjoying the lighter nights. 121. New comics and pjs make me happy.
 122. Weasley like's to hide under the blanket. 123. I went to Fat Hippo with Lewis and Brandon and it was amazing. 124. Weasley got a new toy snake and for some strange reason he keeps carrying it everywhere with him including to his food bowl.
 125. May 4th obviously called for Star Wars related breakfast. 126. Cute new pjs make me happy. 127. Weasley like to sit behind me and watch tv.
 128. Free Comic Book day was amazing, I got so many new reads I haven't even read some of them. 129. Sundays mean dressing nice and girly some times. 130. Going for a meal with work resulted in being talked into getting a parmo.  
 131. Weasley turned 1. 132. Book deliveries make me smile. 133. New books might make me smile but this one broke my heart and made me cry a ton.
 134. Waffles with too much whipped cream is always a good life choice. 135. I made Rum and Tequila cupcakes for Brandon's Birthday night out. 136. The hardest photo ever to crop into this so sorry Sam and Lewis buuut we had a night out for Brandon's birthday and it was super interesting we wished we'd stayed at our usual rock club however it was still a laugh.
 137. Fab lollies are the best. 138. I finally own a Jeffrey Star liquid lipstick and it's just as perfect as I'd hoped. 139. Blue skies are the best.
 140. This cat is such a little shit. 141. House pride and all that. 142. Going for a meal with my dad and sisters is always good.
 143. He is so unimpressed by the cat filter. 144. He's also unimpressed that the playstation gets more attention than him. 145. Sunset tho.
 146. Facetiming my Granda is always fun cause he's a cutie. 147. Look at his little fat head in this box! 148. Breakfast out before a weekend away makes me happy.
 149. Slam Dunk Festival! I SAW PANIC AT THE FUCKING DISCO. and it was beautiful. 150. Those lil jelly beans tho. 151. Daisies are everywhere in Darlo!
 152. He has such a hard life. 153. Pink baths and books are the best after a long day. 154. My Alice collection is starting to look so pretty, it makes me really happy.
 155. Someone hates me and wants to leave apparently. :( 156. My sisters stayed so we ordered all the food. 157. I'm forever finding new area's to walk about, so many pretty parks.
 158. New records are the best. 159. Weasley want's to be a Guitar Hero. 160. Icecream and sunbathing is the new thing to do during lunch at work.
161. Reading comics in bed is the best. 162. It was my favourite little pop punk babe's birthday on Friday so I had to go have a few drinks didn't I? 163. I took my Granda to see the Animals Inside Out exhibit at the centre for life and had the nicest day. 164. Comics, Coffee &Cinnamon buns, my 3 favourite C's at once, Sunday's don't get better. 

What have you been up to recently?
K. x
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