Thursday, 2 June 2016

In May I've Been...

A bad blogger, yes during this month I've been the worst blogger I've pretty much abandoned it. However this has been with good reason lots of other things have been taking up my time like books and games and food with friends. However I've had a lot of post ideas so I'll be posting regularly again so here we have it with what I loved in May!

Lego, I'm sure by now you'll have seen the hype around the Disney Lego Minifigs? If not you neeed to because they're pretty amazing. Last year I was obsessed with collecting the Simpsons blind bags and it cost me a ridiculous amount roll on this year and we have the release of Disney ones. Thankfully this time I only want 4 of the figures so it hopefully won't cost me as much! 

Nostalgia, May being the month of SlamDunk I've been listening to albums that make me feel 14 again, mostly bands like Aiden, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at The Disco and My Chemical Romance. I'm trying to find a way to own all my favourite albums on Vinyl so far it's not going too well but I'm sure bands will start releasing their old albums on Vinyl again!

All The Books, I've read soooo many books this month! I ended up getting about 40 comics on Free Comic Book Day and then I've bought about 10 for my kindle! Mostly though I absolutely loved reading Me Before You which had me sobbing for about 60 pages and Who's That Girl? Which was just brilliant, it made me laugh, it hit me in the feels and I kinda fell for the guy haha. I'll probably review both, but I'll say it now both were amazing, they took me right out of my comfort zone and I might not look back!

Sweet things, This month I've been loving all things sweet which is probably why I'm feeling tubby, but hey ho. I've been loving M&S new chocolate which is coconut flavoured and it is just everything, I've also been eating far too many pancakes for breakfast but that's for another post. Haha. I bought the most amazing candle from Village Candles in Brownie Delight and it smells just like freshly baking brownies and makes me so hungry when I have it on. The fruit salad shower gel does the exam same thing, it makes me want sweet so bad when I use it aha. The only thing that hasn't made me crave food is Viktor and Rolf's Flower Bomb which is definitely my scent for the summer. 

Regularly painting my nails and wearing lipstick, May has brought me many occasions to dress nicely and feel like a girl. I feel like I only ever wear gym clothes, work clothes or pjs, so having lots of social occasions made me feel fab. I've loved the Barry M mermaid collection and as for my lips they are loving Jeffrey Star's Gemini which is just the most perfect shade. 

Trying not to kill all my characters on Until Dawn, I haven't been so into a game in years as I am Until Dawn. I've had it about 2 weeks and I've almost finished it to some people this is probably nothing but to me thats huge, it normally takes me months to complete games 'cause I get bored or I don't find time but with this I'm like oh I have a spare hour I'm going to play it. I'm slightly obsessed, I love how the butterfly effect makes me really consider the future outcome of my actions, due to being a dick in one chapter one of my characters died later in the game which was annoying since the rest of them are alive. The games actually amazing if you have a PS4 and like survival horror I couldn't recommend it enough, the story is amazing, I love how much exploring there is to do and how many clues there are to find. I'm not a massive fan of the jump scares and the fact I'm shitting myself the entire time I play it though. 

I've loved so much more this month like getting to spend 2 weekends staying at my dads sleeping over there is always fun spending time with my sisters is always great. Spending so much time with my friends, trying loads of new food places and drinking too many cocktails.

What have you loved during May?
K. x
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