Tuesday, 30 August 2016

So where exactly have I been?

I considered writing a 365 days catch up post for the weeks I've been away but that was major ballache. Like seriously so many photos so I was like nah I'll give up on a photo a day this year and just share a few photos to round up my month instead haha. But for now I'm sharing a few photos from while I was gone since really not a lot of exciting things happened.
I baked a lot of cakes, ate lots and lots of food, I went to the gym quite a bit cause I'm trying so ridiculously hard to tone my body up obvs eating all the cake is doing nothing for me haha. I've read quite a few books and comics so expect a few reviews coming up soon, The Girl On The Train was probably one of my favourites that I've read recently. Urmm I also dyed my hair properly pink, I now need to condition the absolute shit out of it because it's once again bleached haha. But now I feel like Princess Bubblegum and my Halloween costume is sorted, so I'm happy with it.
Oh and finally I bought another cat. Say Hello to Fleur. She is absolutely teeny tiny but has the loudest meow ever, louder than Weasley! She also likes to climb and jump on everything even though its a massive struggle for her half the time since she's not really very good at jumping haha. She's so adorable though so I'm pretty much letting her get away with everything.

So yeah nothing much exciting really just food, books and cats but that's pretty much my life in 3 words really haha. I promise I'm going to be blogging at least once a week now, I know I said this the other week buuuut I got busy with work and planning my bank holiday weekend which was hella busy but exciting so there's a few posts coming up from that.

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  1. Glad you've had a good few weeks. I read Girl on the Train not so long ago and would love to hear your opinion on it, also your little kitten's so adorable and she really suits her name!